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Steve Wilson

Citrix Systems

Steve Wilson is the vice president of product, cloud and IoT at Citrix Systems.Read More

Google Stackdriver enhances alerts, adds Kubernetes support

By Kurt Marko 28 Sep 2018

A recent round of updates to Google's monitoring tool gives IT and development teams more options to set up alerts, track usage and support Kubernetes, both in the cloud and on premises. Read More

How to integrate DevOps QA testing on AWS

By Mike Pfeiffer 22 Jan 2019

QA testing is an overlooked, but important, part of DevOps. For workloads on AWS, use CodeBuild, CodeCommit and other tools to make the most of your workflow. Read More

DevOps, cross-platform, test are top mobile developer skills

By Jan Stafford 06 Apr 2018

Learn about four mobile app dev skills and experience enterprises value: Agile, DevOps, cross-platform and test-driven development, and newer, native languages Swift and Kotlin. Read More

RHV 4.3 updates take backseat to container-native virtualization

14 May 2019

Most new apps start in containers nowadays. However, certain legacy applications still don't work with containers. RHV 4.3 hopes to help bridge the gap. Read More

Git vs. GitHub: What is the difference between them?

By Cameron McKenzie 06 Nov 2018

What are Git and GitHub? Are they actually the same thing? In this comparison article, we compare Git vs GitHub and examine the differences between the tools, like who maintains them and how easy they integrate ... Read More

How to set up and use a JFrog Artifactory as a local Maven repository

By Cameron McKenzie 18 Sep 2018

In this Artifactory tutorial, we'll show you how to deploy JAR files to an Artifactory Maven repository. It's surprisingly simple. Read More

Salesforce's MuleSoft acquisition shows API management appeal

By Darryl K. Taft 23 Mar 2018

Salesforce's blockbuster deal for MuleSoft illustrates the industry's persistent appetite for API management and integration to connect apps and data. Read More

Medicare's new member of its healthcare data center: The cloud

By Valerie Silverthorne 05 Oct 2018

The U.S. Digital Service is slowly moving a Medicare mainframe to the cloud as a way to prepare for value-based care. Here's a look inside the office's deliberate strategy. Read More

Oracle releases Java 9, Java EE 8

By Darryl K. Taft 25 Sep 2017

Oracle released the long-awaited Java 9, along with Java EE 8 -- each with key improvements to simplify the development process using the language, including modularity in Java 9. Read More