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SAP Cloud Platform architecture is glue for new technologies

By George Lawton 03 May 2018

SAP Cloud Platform has numerous integration tools for linking next-gen technologies like blockchain, machine learning and IoT to each other -- and to SAP enterprise applications. Read More

Keynote speakers open up at JavaOne 2017

02 Oct 2017

From the release of JDK 9 to the open sourcing of serverless programming technologies, the JavaOne 2017 keynote paved a path for a progressive future. Read More

Modern service management, DevOps streamline app administration

By Kurt Marko 10 Jul 2018

DevOps and service management are synonymous in modern IT, insofar as their guidelines match. Regardless of the term, ensure organizational practices are built for today's reqs. Read More

How to solve JavaScript and Java performance issues

By Tom Nolle 20 Nov 2017

Given the complexity of client side user interfaces, along with the often limited processing power of many mobile devices, finding out ways to address JavaScript and Java performance challenges is a priority. Read More

Review chatbot development options in public cloud

By George Lawton 09 Feb 2018

As users look to interact with applications via more natural language and text, chatbots become increasingly popular. And many developers turn to the public cloud to create them. Read More

Connecting the 'DevOps, Agile and Java cloud native applications' dots

By Cameron McKenzie 09 May 2017

A concise definition of both DevOps and cloud native computing is elusive, but Cisco's Ken Owens presents a unified theory that pulls together the Java cloud, Agile, microservices and containers. Read More

Perfecto CTO: the changing role of the developer

By Adrian Bridgwater 28 Sep 2018

Uzi Eilon is chief technology officer at cloud-centric continuous testing company Perfecto. As CTO of a test automation specialist, Eilon says he has seen software application developers have to ... Read More

Keep your Java cloud apps running during an Amazon S3 outage

By George Lawton 05 Jul 2017

Many people had to learn the hard way that an Amazon S3 outage is possible. Here we look at how to keep your Java cloud apps running, even if the Amazon cloud isn't. Read More

Guide to the JavaOne 2017 conference

04 Oct 2017

At JavaOne 2017, the Java community discusses the pinnacles of modern software technologies, including DevOps, mobile applications, digital transformation and, of course, Java. Read More

Oracle VP talks Java EE 8, Java platform update at JavaOne

By Cameron McKenzie 03 Oct 2017

Will the future involvement of the Eclipse Foundation lead to a faster and more nimble Java platform update process? Oracle's Michael Lehmann believes it will. Read More