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Google Stackdriver APM enhances app monitoring

By Darryl K. Taft 25 Apr 2018

Additional profiling, debugging and tracing tools for Google's Stackdriver suite expand application performance management services for developers. Read More

With AWS Greengrass, IoT apps become seamless edge to cloud

By George Lawton 16 Jul 2018

Find out how the various applications and infrastructure pieces work together when building an IoT app on top of AWS Greengrass. Read More

VMware, Salesforce.com unveil VMforce: News in brief

By Alex Barrett 27 Apr 2010

VMware and Salesforce.com have unveiled VMforce, a cloud-based Java application development and hosting service. Read More

Crack open Google Cloud Shell for infrastructure management

By Kurt Marko 08 Dec 2017

Shell commands and Bash scripts have been a staple of system administration, and for those who still prefer that management approach, Cloud Shell on GCP might be worth a look. Read More

How to make a wise machine learning platforms comparison

By Bob Violino 13 Sep 2018

What data sources does it support? Is it easy to use? Does it have automation features? These are just a few questions to ask when making a machine learning platforms comparison. Read More

Netflix Spinnaker pipelines tighten bond with Kubernetes

By Beth Pariseau 18 Oct 2018

The Netflix- and Google-led Spinnaker continuous deployment software project has added enterprise appeal with revamped Kubernetes integration. Read More

Modernizing legacy applications with minimal strain

By Twain Taylor 03 May 2018

Many different challenges can occur as a result of modernizing legacy applications. Luckily, there are a multitude of options at your disposal to overcome these obstacles. Read More

Veritas appliances help Flex NetBackup muscle

By Dave Raffo 18 Oct 2018

More than two years after escaping Symantec, Veritas fights off data protection newcomers by packaging NetBackup with an expanding appliance portfolio. Read More

Oracle cloud security beefed up amid unprotected data worries

By Jack Vaughan 12 Oct 2017

With large data breaches such as the one at Equifax raising concerns about unprotected data, Oracle has strengthened its cloud security features in an effort to ease the minds of IT pros. Read More

In a serverless architecture age, infrastructure still matters

By Trevor Jones 23 May 2018

Sorry, developers, but infrastructure still matters, even as serverless architectures and containers diminish its central role to build new applications. Read More