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WSO2 integration platform twirls on Ballerina language

By Darryl K. Taft 20 Jul 2018

The latest release of WSO2's flagship integration platform aims to help enterprise developers build and implement microservices. Read More

Tough sample DevOps interview questions and answers to tackle

By Cameron McKenzie 28 Sep 2018

Interested in applying for that DevOps engineer position? Then take a look at these tough, sample DevOps interview questions and answers, and see how well you are prepared. Read More

Get a head start with IBM Bluemix tutorial

By Kenneth Milberg 22 Dec 2017

Take the time to properly configure your environment with help from this IBM Bluemix tutorial in order to properly get started with cloud frameworks and application services. Read More

IBM’s APAC CEO talks up next chapter of cloud adoption

By Aaron Tan 12 Mar 2019

In the next phase of cloud adoption, enterprises will need to manage multiple cloud environments, as well as data to scale up their use of artificial intelligence technology Read More

False 'DevOps encompasses culture and collaboration' myth destroyed

By Cameron McKenzie 02 Oct 2018

If evangelists keep asserting that DevOps encompasses culture and collaboration, I'm afraid I'm going to have to keep showing them how they are wrong. Read More

Harden cloud apps with a secure software development lifecycle

By (ISC) 2 12 Jul 2018

Wouldn't it be nice if every application were 100% cloud-ready? Unfortunately, that's often not the case, which can lead to security risks down the line if not properly addressed. Read More

Transform business with microservices and containers

By Cliff Saran 22 Oct 2018

We look at how DevOps and microservice-based technology have advanced IT architectures Read More

AWS Lambda functions become more flexible, but use caution

By Ernesto Marquez 15 Feb 2019

AWS Lambda added custom runtimes and longer timeouts. Review the benefits, such as flexibility and easier migration, along with the drawbacks, which include potentially higher costs. Read More

What are the best SDK tools for automating blockchain services?

By Kenneth Milberg 29 Nov 2017

As blockchain matures, an ecosystem of tools continues to sprout up around it. Learn how these offerings, including the Hyperledger Fabric Client SDK, can help with a deployment. Read More

An inside look at IoT gateway vendors, classifications

By Ellen Muraskin 21 Jan 2019

It's easy to get confused when it comes to IoT gateways. Learn about IoT gateway options, IoT gateway vendors and where products fit into the edge gateway spectrum. Read More