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Top Java programming tools used in application development

By Cameron McKenzie 27 Aug 2019

There's a multitude of Java tools that help the software development process. Here's a list of Java tools and technologies that every programmer should be aware of. Read More

Microsoft vs. IBM: A major shift in Java support

By Cameron McKenzie 19 Sep 2019

Once an afterthought in the Java community, Microsoft has seemingly overtaken IBM as the preeminent advocate among developers at the Oracle Code One conference. Read More

Up, up and away: Java app development heads to the cloud

11 Mar 2013

With all the hype surrounding cloud computing, everyone is eager to see how the cloud "revolution" will play out. And while a "paradigm shift" might be interesting for analysts and theorists, day-to-day IT ... Read More

Java's popularity hinges on future developers, adaptability

By Cameron McKenzie 18 Sep 2019

Java needs to focus on the youth, adapt to emerging tech and constantly evaluate its performance to remain popular among developers. Read More

10 Oracle Code One 2019 sessions to check out

By Cameron McKenzie 15 Sep 2019

If you're in San Francisco for Oracle Code One 2019, here are 10 sessions to visit to make the most out of your conference experience and chat with TheServerSide's Cameron McKenzie. Read More

Microsoft gains instant Java credibility with jClarity buy

By Darryl K. Taft 20 Aug 2019

Microsoft has acquired jClarity to help optimize its Azure cloud platform to run Java workloads, a coveted target for the now open source-friendly software giant. Read More

Will cloud computing ever change the Java development process?

By Cameron McKenzie 28 Jul 2013

Much has been said about cloud computing, and cloud technologies have certainly impacted the in house data center, but do cloud based technologies really impact the Java development process? Read More

Being Java cloud native means more than containers and microservices

By Cameron McKenzie 21 Apr 2017

Many traditional developers are worried that the cloud-native trend is leaving them behind. Fortunately, help is on its way to make existing code more Java cloud native compliant. Read More

How cloud computing is impacting enterprise Java developers

By Cameron McKenzie 23 Aug 2012

How do cloud computing technologies impact the day-to-day development patterns of typical Java developers? Read More