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AWS appeals to the masses with low-code development project

By Darryl K. Taft 02 Feb 2018

AWS has created a low-code dev environment to help tech-savvy business users build apps for the public cloud and draw new customers to its platform. Read More

Growing CDN services market changes to meet cloud needs

By Jean DerGurahian 09 May 2018

Enterprises looking for greater network performance and scalability turn to traditional CDN services providers for nontraditional help to improve security and offer access to APIs. Read More

Soar with WildFly Swarm and deploy quickly with OpenShift Pipeline

By Joel Shore 14 Jul 2017

"Java Jar" isn't a dance; it's a way to package Java EE with just enough fractional server runtime to support microservices-based cloud applications. Deliver them via pipelines. Read More

Big data in cloud computing demands an IT skill set change

By Alan R. Earls 29 Jan 2018

Enterprises continue to shift big data workloads to the cloud. And while the move doesn't require a total overhaul of IT skills, it does demand some change for admin and dev teams. Read More

Modern deployment models put a new spin on componentization

By Tom Nolle 21 Jun 2018

Developers can use containers, serverless and microservices to strengthen app composability, but there are tradeoffs to consider. Discover the brave new world of componentization. Read More

.NET programming language tutorial: Making more with .NET development

12 May 2017

This .NET programming language tutorial covers what modern application developers and testers need to understand: the strengths and challenges in the .NET platform. Read More

Google and VMware partner: Top 10 cloud stories of 2010

13 Dec 2010

Designed to assist Java developers in building applications on Google App Engine, Google and VMware's partnership was one of the 10 biggest cloud stories of 2010. Read More

Automated machine learning streamlines model building

By Kassidy Kelley 08 Mar 2019

Automated machine learning leads to faster model building while democratizing use and increasing implementation. Expert Mike Gualtieri answers major questions about the rising tech. Read More

The Oracle platform as a service offers a range of cloud products

By Evan Dardano 11 Apr 2017

With a number of cloud-based tools for mobile development, custom coding and collaboration, the Oracle platform as a service helps businesses modernize their applications. Read More

How should undocumented features in software be addressed?

By Kevin Beaver 03 Jan 2018

Kaspersky Lab recently discovered an undocumented feature in Microsoft Word. Expert Kevin Beaver explains the risks and what to do if you come across one of these software flaws. Read More