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Asean firms dive into microservices for competitive edge

By Ai Lei Tao 06 Dec 2018

While microservices has become a buzzword linked with digital transformation, it is no magic bullet for development woes Read More

Marcus Ranum: Systems administration is in the 'crosshairs'

By Marcus J. Ranum 03 Dec 2018

After years of spirited debates and top-notch interviews, columnist Marcus Ranum is signing (sounding?) off with some final thoughts on the future of security. Read More

Developers warily embrace AWS Cloud9 IDE

By Darryl K. Taft 07 Dec 2017

At AWS re:Invent 2017, Amazon Web Services introduced developers to its new cloud-based coding environment, AWS Cloud9 IDE, with some taking a wait-and-see approach to it. Read More

Red Hat's Operator Framework set to overhaul Kubernetes clusters

By George Lawton 26 Jun 2018

Operator Framework is designed to ease deployment and management of apps on top of Kubernetes clusters. We break it down with former CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi. Read More

Connecting the 'DevOps, Agile and Java cloud native applications' dots

By Cameron McKenzie 09 May 2017

A concise definition of both DevOps and cloud native computing is elusive, but Cisco's Ken Owens presents a unified theory that pulls together the Java cloud, Agile, microservices and containers. Read More

Simplified automated cloud deployment with Bitnami's Stacksmith

By Cameron McKenzie 02 Mar 2018

Looking to do automated cloud deployment, or even help with security updates to your apps running in Docker containers? Bitnami's recently released Stacksmith promises to do just that. Read More

Pluralsight Live 2018: stepping into the sessions

By Adrian Bridgwater 29 Aug 2018

Enterprise technology learning platform company Pluralsight used its ‘Live’ 2018 user, partner and customer conference this month to detail a set of new products, announce an increase in its ... Read More

Istio service mesh tradeoffs prompt caution among IT pros

By Beth Pariseau 14 Dec 2018

Istio can boost the security and observability of Kubernetes environments, but some IT pros question whether the perks are worth a steep learning curve. Read More

Keynote speakers open up at JavaOne 2017

By Daisy McCarty 02 Oct 2017

From the release of JDK 9 to the open sourcing of serverless programming technologies, the JavaOne 2017 keynote paved a path for a progressive future. Read More

Keep your Java cloud apps running during an Amazon S3 outage

By George Lawton 05 Jul 2017

Many people had to learn the hard way that an Amazon S3 outage is possible. Here we look at how to keep your Java cloud apps running, even if the Amazon cloud isn't. Read More