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Cloud developer job description getting more complicated all the time

By Jan Stafford 30 Jan 2017

The cloud developer job is getting even more complex. Learn about cloud developer salaries, opportunities and hirers' most-valued cloud platform here. Read More

The mainframe environment: A thing of the past or the future?

By Ed Scannell 16 Aug 2017

It made its name in a long-ago era, but even in the time of virtualization and cloud computing, the mainframe hasn't disappeared yet. The IBM z14 aims to keep it that way. Read More

Java EE makes best-of-breed software conglomerations a thing of the past

By Cameron McKenzie 22 Mar 2017

Looking back at some of the Frankenstein-esque applications that were built using different frameworks, it's good to know there's no need for best-of-breed. Read More

Oracle Code conference a worthwhile investment for full-stack developers

By Cameron McKenzie 19 Apr 2017

Oracle Code is a software conference that both promotes Oracle's cloud computing message, while providing useful knowledge to full-stack developers. Read More

An overview of deep learning tools

By Adrian Bridgwater 14 Nov 2018

As AI and deep learning matures, we look at advanced tools that enable developers to start building sophisticated, intelligent applications Read More

Microsoft joins Cloud Foundry Foundation

By Adrian Bridgwater 15 Jun 2017

Microsoft has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF). The firm comes in with gold member status confirmed from the start. Cloud Foundry's mantra is ‘ubiquitous and flexible’ cloud computing. ... Read More

Visual Studio Live Share aims to spur developer collaboration

By Darryl K. Taft 22 Nov 2017

Visual Studio Live Share enables developers to collaborate on code in real time to build safer, higher-quality applications. Read More

Amazon Lambda looks like Greek to Java developers

By Cameron McKenzie 14 Nov 2014

Amazon may have just released the most confusingly named product to date, especially if you're a Java developer. At AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, Amazon announced mainstream availability of its ... Read More

Top continuous delivery benefits and how to get them

By Stephen J. Bigelow 01 Aug 2018

Continuous delivery doesn't come without challenges -- like getting every disparate IT team on board -- but its list of perks makes the entire process worthwhile. Read More

Stop adding web UI frameworks like JSR-371 to the Java EE spec

By Cameron McKenzie 30 Mar 2017

Java EE's Servlet and JSP API provide a fine foundation for handling a web-based request-response cycle. Adding UI frameworks like JSR-371 to the spec only causes problems. Read More