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Are DevOps responsibilities in production unfair to developers?

By Meredith Courtemanche 23 Jan 2018

When Nike.com gave developers live production support responsibilities, the shakeup unearthed fundamental questions about app design and support processes. Read More

Java modularity's future takes a hit as Project Jigsaw (JPMS) is voted down

By Cameron McKenzie 10 May 2017

Can you believe all of this drama surrounding Project Jigsaw and the Java modularity debate? I was so thankful yesterday when President Donald Trump fired the director of the FBI, drowning out all ... Read More

To choose the right PaaS stack, know thyself

By Kurt Marko 02 Feb 2017

When it comes to application modernization, PaaS is a primary tool. Difficult to categorize and assess, see which PaaS vendor is right for your company's application needs. Read More

Learn how the changes in a PaaS business model impact application development

By Tom Nolle 29 Nov 2016

With the evolution of PaaS in 2016, cloud spending has increased. Learn how these changes ease profit pressure on cloud providers and also reshape how applications are developed. Read More

Tough sample Jenkins interview questions and answers for DevOps engineers

By Cameron McKenzie 25 Aug 2018

Applying for an engineering job where continuous integration is part of the description? Here are 10 tough Jenkins interview questions to prepare you for the DevOps engineering interview. Read More

Avoid common big data on AWS issues

By Stephen J. Bigelow 06 Feb 2017

When our IT team clusters Hive and Java Archive files for big data projects, it receives error messages. How can we keep our AWS big data projects running smoothly? Read More

Perform a health check on distributed apps with AWS X-Ray

By George Lawton 07 Dec 2017

Performance issues can be tough to pin down with distributed applications. While it doesn't debug line by line, AWS X-Ray can alleviate some of these concerns. Read More

Coding Dojo bootcamp bests 4-year programs

By Darryl K. Taft 08 Nov 2017

Hoping to help close the cloud skills gap, the Coding Dojo bootcamp is graduating more developers than any four-year computer science program. Read More

Functional programming in Java 8 vs. .NET: What you need to know

By Tom Nolle 02 Mar 2017

The 'which is better' debate over .NET and Java has been going on forever. Expert Tom Nolle weighs in on which is the better choice if your goal is functional programming. Read More

Java evolution into a functional programming language reflects demand

By Tom Nolle 25 Jul 2016

Many changes have come to the Java languages over the years, with Project Coin and lambda support making it more of a functional programming language. Read More