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Functional programming in Java 8 vs. .NET: What you need to know

By Tom Nolle 02 Mar 2017

The 'which is better' debate over .NET and Java has been going on forever. Expert Tom Nolle weighs in on which is the better choice if your goal is functional programming. Read More

The growing ties between networking roles and automation

By Jennifer English 25 May 2018

Network automation is here, bringing with it new demands for network professionals. But these changes should go beyond shifting networking roles, responsibilities and skills. Read More

John R Rymer


John serves Application Development & Delivery (AD&D) ProfessionalsRead More

Memory issues shine light on hidden serverless environment costs

By David Carty 11 Jul 2017

Serverless environment issues stem from hard-to-see areas for IT. This means developers blindly trust cloud providers and often pay the price. Read More

Delve into the low-code platform by Mendix

By Evan Dardano 31 Mar 2017

With a lean toward Agile development projects, Mendix Platform is a low-code platform that allows business users to create apps on the fly. Read More

AWS SDKs match services to language, platform

By Ofir Nachmani 15 Dec 2016

Developers face increasing demands to build applications and update services at breakneck pace. A variety of tools, including SDKs, can help accelerate development. Read More

Features freshen up the future of IBM z mainframes

By Tim Culverhouse 27 Nov 2017

IBM's latest additions to mainframes attempt to keep a declining market afloat. Containers, security and deep learning top the highlights of IBM's recent mainframe updates. Read More

Richard Morrell: a brief history (of life) in open source

By Adrian Bridgwater 13 Sep 2017

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Open Source Insider blog written by Richard Morrell, group CTO at Falanx Cyber Technologies and CISO of the Cloud Security Alliance. Morrell looks back ... Read More

Service mesh architecture radicalizes container networking

By Beth Pariseau 21 Jun 2018

Containerization is the IT industry's favorite superhero, so it's only fitting that containers have a powerful sidekick in service mesh. Together, they fight network management chaos. Read More

When data APIs go neglected, business intelligence suffers

By Jan Stafford 01 Feb 2018

Many businesses have mature API management practices in place for integration via REST APIs and application APIs. Unfortunately, those API strategies can create data silos for most business ... Read More