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What it takes to be a DevSecOps engineer

By Michael Cobb 12 Sep 2019

To address security early in the application development process, DevSecOps requires a litany of skills and technology literacy. Learn what it takes to be a DevSecOps engineer. Read More

Pivotal Spring Runtime extends Java support, company lifeline

By Darryl K. Taft 07 Jun 2019

Pivotal's distribution of OpenJDK, the open source version of Java, joins the ranks of Amazon, Azul, IBM, Red Hat and others that provide long-term Java support. Read More

A comparison of 6 speech-to-text services

By George Lawton 26 Aug 2019

AWS, Microsoft and Google can add speech-to-text capabilities to apps, but they're not your only option. Compare those cloud-based tools to other AI-infused transcription services. Read More

Oracle looks to holy trinity of open positives

By Adrian Bridgwater 29 May 2019

Oracle may not always be viewed positively in open source circles, the company’s approach to Java and wider open platform still draws headlines a decade after it took up a position of stewardship ... Read More

How to design APIs for hybrid cloud architecture

By Tom Nolle 26 Jul 2019

Hybrid cloud is complex, particularly because it's the application -- not the server -- that manages API flows. Review some strategies for API management in a hybrid scenario. Read More

The top Java deployment tools to use on your next project

By Cameron McKenzie 12 Jun 2019

Java application deployment tools such as Maven and Gradle can be beneficial for your IT team. Compare those and other options, along with frameworks, to ease this process. Read More

Bookmark the latest top tips on AWS cloud development tools

By Sarah Neenan 09 May 2019

Catch up on recent expert advice about important AWS updates for developers, including Step Functions integrations, expanded Lambda functionality and the release of Amazon Corretto. Read More

Why the PaaS market failed to live up to the hype

By David Linthicum 16 Jul 2019

PaaS' days as a stand-alone tech may be numbered as the cloud layer gets absorbed by IaaS platforms from AWS and others. See what went wrong for the market that once held such promise. Read More

Size up AWS Lambda vs. Elastic Beanstalk for app hosting

By Kurt Marko 03 Jul 2019

AWS users evaluating Elastic Beanstalk against Lambda must decide if infrastructure control matters when it comes to application performance, or if nonstop operation is wasting money. Read More

Red Hat eyes cloud-native Java future with Quarkus

07 Mar 2019

Red Hat's Quarkus project aims to raise Java up to the cloud and update the popular programming language for cloud-based computing situations and projects. Read More