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Oracle GraalVM Ent is a multilingual virtual machine

By Adrian Bridgwater 15 May 2019

Oracle recently came to the dinner table with its Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition, so what it, why is important to developers and does Larry Ellison still have a beard? Built on Java SE, GraalVM ... Read More

Red Hat replaces Oracle as OpenJDK 8, OpenJDK 11 steward

By Darryl K. Taft 18 Apr 2019

Red Hat has taken control of two popular versions of the open source Java implementation, so developers can continue to build apps after Oracle's support ends. Read More

OpenShift shops chart a course for advanced IT automation

By Beth Pariseau 10 May 2019

IT teams tackled containerization, developer self-service platforms and infrastructure provisioning automation in 2018. So, what's next? Read More

These tools help build microservices in Java

By Tom Nolle 31 Jan 2019

Depending on the mission, developers need to align their tool choices with one of two paths for Java microservices. Here's what you need to know. Read More

Oracle's Java 12 adds developer productivity features

By Darryl K. Taft 22 Mar 2019

The latest version of the Java Platform, Standard Edition, delivers new features to make developers more productive with the Java programming language. Read More

Microsoft hands developer advocates keys to the kingdom

By Darryl K. Taft 17 May 2019

Microsoft views developers as key to not only maintaining its customer base, but expanding it through interaction with open source communities. Read More

Compare AWS Lambda to Azure, GCP serverless platforms

By Chris Moyer 29 Mar 2019

AWS Lambda, Azure Functions and Google Cloud Functions are all key offerings in the FaaS market. Review the variations in language support, integration options and costs that set them apart. Read More

How Dell Technologies partners can align with VMware strategy

By Spencer Smith 03 May 2019

Dell Technologies partners have what they need to facilitate customers' digital transformation journeys, according to VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger. At the Dell Technologies Global Partner Summit, held ... Read More

Build a successful Apache Mesos installation on Linux servers

By Walker Rowe 03 Jun 2019

As Apache Mesos gains traction for container orchestration, admins should try it out and evaluate its capabilities. Use this tutorial to set up the necessary software and avoid the pitfalls that plague the process. Read More

Red Hat ups ante for OpenJDK on Microsoft Windows

By Adrian Bridgwater 02 Jan 2019

Red Hat has, of course, been busy becoming the new IBM version of Red Hat since the firm's recent acquisition. That corporate reality hasn't stopped the open source platform company still pressing ... Read More