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Bookmark the latest top tips on AWS cloud development tools

By Sarah Neenan 09 May 2019

Catch up on recent expert advice about important AWS updates for developers, including Step Functions integrations, expanded Lambda functionality and the release of Amazon Corretto. Read More

Why the PaaS market failed to live up to the hype

By David Linthicum 16 Jul 2019

PaaS' days as a stand-alone tech may be numbered as the cloud layer gets absorbed by IaaS platforms from AWS and others. See what went wrong for the market that once held such promise. Read More

Size up AWS Lambda vs. Elastic Beanstalk for app hosting

By Kurt Marko 03 Jul 2019

AWS users evaluating Elastic Beanstalk against Lambda must decide if infrastructure control matters when it comes to application performance, or if nonstop operation is wasting money. Read More

Oracle Open World: Autonomy, Acceleration, Assistants & Applications

By Adrian Bridgwater 17 Sep 2019

Oracle used its Oracle Open World 2019 conference to produce its customary barrage of product announcements. Amidst this volley of customer wins, platform enhancements, application enrichments and ... Read More

Red Hat eyes cloud-native Java future with Quarkus

07 Mar 2019

Red Hat's Quarkus project aims to raise Java up to the cloud and update the popular programming language for cloud-based computing situations and projects. Read More

Complexity requires new cloud-based patch management strategies

By Dave Shackleford 27 Aug 2019

Patch management for cloud creates new challenges than traditional in-house programs. Expert Dave Shackleford presents patch management best practices for providers and consumers alike. Read More

The roots of Oracle's cloud evolution: A 20-year review

By Chris Kanaracus 11 Sep 2019

Oracle, like other prominent on-premises software vendors, has traced a long path into the cloud. These 10 events over the past 20 years helped lay the foundation. Read More

Google Cloud Code extends VS Code, IntelliJ for the cloud

By Darryl K. Taft 12 Apr 2019

Google Cloud Code's plugins for IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code aim to make Google Cloud Platform more attractive for developers that build cloud-native apps. Read More

Can a left shift in Java cause DevOps developer burnout?

By George Lawton 21 Aug 2019

DevOps burnout is more common than you think. Pay attention to the details in your Java shift left to make sure your dev and management teams are working toward the same goals. Read More

JNBridgePro bridges Java-to-.NET Core

By Adrian Bridgwater 30 Apr 2019

JNBridgePro is a provider of interoperability tools to connect Java and .NET frameworks... the company’s mission has always been to enable developers to connect anything Java together with anything ... Read More