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Get to know Microsoft's Azure IoT services

By Kathleen Casey 06 May 2019

With so many connected devices distributed across the globe, enterprises need a way to manage and monitor their IoT assets. See what Azure services are available to help. Read More

MongoDB buys Realm database to boost mobile chops

By Chris Kanaracus 25 Apr 2019

MongoDB is buying Realm, the maker of an open source database for cross-platform mobile applications, to boost its Atlas cloud platform and Stitch backend as a service. Read More

A comparison of open source, real-time data streaming platforms

By George Lawton 19 Jun 2019

With so many real-time data streaming tools, how do you know which is right for your organization? Experts compare Spark Streaming, Kafka Streams, Flink and others. Read More

Will Java bump .NET out of the microservices game?

By Jan Stafford 31 Oct 2018

Written by Alan Earls, SearchMicroservices.com contributor The movement towards Java-based microservices led some to wonder whether this development might curtail the use of .NET and negatively ... Read More

Storage 101: Object storage in the big three public clouds

By Antony Adshead 25 Mar 2019

We look at the object storage services of the big three cloud providers – Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob and Google Cloud Storage – and how customers can achieve compatibility between them Read More

Examine low-code development platform options

By Kathleen Casey 28 Feb 2019

Nontechnical users can now build applications with little or no coding experience. However, there are many factors to consider before you jump in. Read More

ICYMI: 6 tips to master Kubernetes performance and management

By Josh Kolarac 03 May 2019

The more skilled the team, the better a Kubernetes implementation can be. Learn how to get the most out of service discovery, infrastructure management, CI and more. Read More

Bet365: A company betting on its own technology innovations

By Cliff Saran 23 Jun 2015

While many sites make great use of agile development, run on the cloud and are built on Java and JavaScript, Bet365 is doing IT its own way Read More

Let's dispel three common Java microservices myths

By Cameron McKenzie 06 Sep 2018

It's easy to develop Java microservices, but confusion over what they are and how they work tends to muddy the waters. Here, we clarify a few myths pertaining to Java microservices. Read More

Understanding basic Java messaging concepts

By Tom Nolle 29 Oct 2014

We're moving into an age of increased application componentization and distribution of components, even in the cloud. Developers should look beyond JMS for Java messaging. Read More