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Quest offers new Toad tools for Oracle Java development, cloud DBs

24 Sep 2010

Quest Software has released beta versions of two new Toad tools for Oracle users that focus on Java development and NoSQL cloud databases. Read More

Microsoft Azure Dev Spaces, Google Jib target Kubernetes woes

By Darryl K. Taft 17 Jul 2018

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud both added cloud application development tools that improve and simplify the process of creating apps that run on the respective platforms. Read More

How API gateways work -- and why you need them

By Twain Taylor 22 Mar 2019

Learn the essentials of both API gateways and API design. Then, grasp how to use them to modernize monolithic apps and facilitate cloud-native microservices. Read More

Continuous Delivery Foundation seeks smoother CI/CD paths

By Darryl K. Taft 29 Mar 2019

The Linux Foundation's latest project aims to connect CI/CD toolmakers, users and open source projects to establish technical specs for continuous delivery. Read More

Here's what it takes to become a cloud automation engineer

By Stephen J. Bigelow 31 Oct 2018

A cloud automation engineer is a challenging role for any IT professional because of the varied requirements. Find out what education, experience and skill sets you need to get the job. Read More

COBOL applications can go serverless on AWS Lambda

By Chris Kanaracus 06 Dec 2018

More business-critical applications can now move to a serverless architecture in the cloud with the arrival of COBOL support in AWS Lambda. Read More

Step-by-step RESTful web service example in Java using Eclipse and TomEE Plus

By Cameron McKenzie 01 Jan 2019

In this easy-to-follow JAX-RS tutorial, we provide a RESTful web service example in Java using Eclipse and TomEE Plus, where we go from development to testing in less than 15 minutes. Read More

Kafka at center of new event processing infrastructure

By Jack Vaughan 15 Apr 2019

Events are as important as data in emerging applications underlying many e-commerce efforts. Streams of events tell a company what motivates customers to use online products. Read More

What is the preferred developer operating system?

By Chris Tozzi 11 Dec 2018

Does the developer operating system play a part in the SDLC equation anymore? Well, it depends on what you're programming. Mobile and cloud development demand different OS best practices. Read More

Step Functions outshines SWF for most AWS workflows

By Ernesto Marquez 27 Dec 2018

Simple Workflow Service has been around longer, but Step Functions offers more flexibility for asynchronous tasks. See why the latter is often better for multistep processes on AWS. Read More