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Open source cloud databases battle software 'strip mining'

By Jack Vaughan 01 Feb 2019

Cloud giants like AWS have adopted open source databases, causing Confluent, MongoDB and others to guard their assets the best way they know how: licensing. Read More

Pivotal Function Service aims at multi-cloud, serverless

By Chris Kanaracus 12 Dec 2018

Serverless might rule in the public cloud, but the new Pivotal Function Service targets enterprises that also have private clouds in their mix. Read More

Alpha Software's low-code development tool targets mobile apps

By Ed Scannell 30 May 2019

Alpha Software rolled out a low-code development platform that allows citizen developers to digitize paper forms that can be integrated into enterprise workflows. Read More

Google's BigQuery ML needs big changes to compete

By Brian Holak 08 Apr 2019

On the eve of Google Cloud Next '19, experts assess the impact of Google's BigQuery ML since its release and their hopes for the automated machine learning tool's future. Read More

Google Cloud Firestore points NoSQL database at mobile, IoT

By Chris Kanaracus 31 Jan 2019

Google's NoSQL document database, Cloud Firestore, is now generally available to offer better scale and reliability for mobile and IoT apps and keep pace with AWS and Azure services. Read More

20 milestones at the Apache Software Foundation

By Adrian Bridgwater 27 Mar 2019

Not at all a question of parts unknown, more a case of parts where some are better known than others. The Apache Software Foundation (ASF)’s Jim Jagielski and Sally Khudairi have detailed 20 major ... Read More

As-a-service at your service: Cloud tools simplify DevOps automation

By Kurt Marko 28 Nov 2018

AWS offers the widest range of cloud-integrated DevOps tools. But Google Cloud has a strategy with more focus on integration, and Azure closely ties in with other Microsoft products. Read More

Packaging Java programs in the modern age of microservices and mobile apps

By Cameron McKenzie 22 May 2018

The packaging of Java programs has taken an interesting turn, as the original JAR format becomes a favorite even for Java web apps deployed as microservices. Read More

Enable an antilatency cloud event processing architecture

By Tom Nolle 26 Feb 2019

Event-based applications cannot tolerate unreliable networks or latency. Consider an architecture that puts some event processing local to the source to alleviate cloud traffic. Read More

The main picks for Hadoop distributions on the market

By Linda Rosencrance 22 May 2019

Check out the current top Hadoop distribution vendors in the market to help you determine which product is best for your company. Read More