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Build a successful Apache Mesos installation on Linux servers

By Walker Rowe 03 Jun 2019

As Apache Mesos gains traction for container orchestration, admins should try it out and evaluate its capabilities. Use this tutorial to set up the necessary software and avoid the pitfalls that plague the process. Read More

Bet365: A company betting on its own technology innovations

By Cliff Saran 23 Jun 2015

While many sites make great use of agile development, run on the cloud and are built on Java and JavaScript, Bet365 is doing IT its own way Read More

3 ways Steeltoe opens the door to microservices in .NET

By Kerry Doyle 26 Feb 2019

The .NET programming language doesn't leap to mind in a conversation about microservices development, but an open source project called Steeltoe could change that. Read More

Understanding basic Java messaging concepts

By Tom Nolle 29 Oct 2014

We're moving into an age of increased application componentization and distribution of components, even in the cloud. Developers should look beyond JMS for Java messaging. Read More

Use the Ballerina language to ease into cloud microservices

By Kerry Doyle 14 Mar 2019

With native integration features, Ballerina promises to take care of lower-level technological considerations, while developers focus on building features. Read More

Year in review: Five topics that epitomized Java in 2018

By Ryan Dowd 27 Dec 2018

In 2018, we focused on what the future of Java might look like. With the IBM-Red Hat merger and the ascension of DevOps, the life and times of the Java developer are changing. Read More

Evaluate load testing tool features and vendors

By Amy Reichert 06 Feb 2019

Application load testing products come in a variety of forms and their features vary. Read through these specs to find the tool that's right for you. Read More

The fundamentals of Micronaut and microservices development

By Kerry Doyle 16 Jan 2019

The Micronaut framework offers developers an efficient way to build distributed applications, particularly thanks to quick startup capabilities, a multipurpose CLI and more. Read More

How Java EE development has kept up with microservices

By Alan R. Earls 25 Sep 2018

Java EE is mature technology, but it will continue to evolve in ways that can fit nicely into a microservices architecture. Read More

GitHub Enterprise security, monitoring tools target large orgs

By Darryl K. Taft 28 May 2019

Additional tools and services in GitHub Enterprise, such as security vulnerability alerts and auditing for open source dependencies, seek to satisfy the company's large customers. Read More