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Getting started with containerized storage

By John Edwards 10 Jul 2019

Containerization simplifies storage operations, saving time and money. Getting started is easy, too, once you know what to look for. Read More

InCountry launches Data Residency-As-A-Service (DRaaS)

By Adrian Bridgwater 13 May 2019

InCountry is aiming to position its technology as a benefit for developers dealing with the headache of data compliance. The InCountry application uses its own API to store and retrieve records in ... Read More

Will Java bump .NET out of the microservices game?

By Jan Stafford 31 Oct 2018

Written by Alan Earls, SearchMicroservices.com contributor The movement towards Java-based microservices led some to wonder whether this development might curtail the use of .NET and negatively ... Read More

DevSecOps evolution changes the game for IT ops

By Beth Pariseau 22 May 2019

A DevSecOps shift and a move to public cloud have precipitated a sea change in what's expected of IT ops pros at a mobile video on-demand company. Read More

Thinking IoT? Might want to mix in some modernization

By Mark Troester 08 May 2019

When an enterprise deploys an IoT application, it's critical consider the corresponding app architecture. Progress' Mark Troester discusses why modernization must be considered, and where a ... Read More

Reality strikes when enterprises deploy Kubernetes in production

By Meredith Courtemanche 25 Jun 2019

It's easy to run containers with Kubernetes, but Kubernetes in production -- with enterprise security, monitoring and compliance demands -- is a different story. Read More

Let's dispel three common Java microservices myths

By Cameron McKenzie 06 Sep 2018

It's easy to develop Java microservices, but confusion over what they are and how they work tends to muddy the waters. Here, we clarify a few myths pertaining to Java microservices. Read More

Get to know Microsoft's Azure IoT services

By Kathleen Casey 06 May 2019

With so many connected devices distributed across the globe, enterprises need a way to manage and monitor their IoT assets. See what Azure services are available to help. Read More

MongoDB buys Realm database to boost mobile chops

By Chris Kanaracus 25 Apr 2019

MongoDB is buying Realm, the maker of an open source database for cross-platform mobile applications, to boost its Atlas cloud platform and Stitch backend as a service. Read More

Microsoft Azure Dev Spaces, Google Jib target Kubernetes woes

By Darryl K. Taft 17 Jul 2018

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud both added cloud application development tools that improve and simplify the process of creating apps that run on the respective platforms. Read More