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How TIBCO Spotfire X Accelerates Your Analytics

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 13 May 2019 Resource

View this infographic to explore how self-service analytics provider, TIBCO, can help your organization increase agility, automate workflows, create real-time data visualization, and more.

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Digital Transformation and Associated Challenges

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 28 Feb 2019 Webcast

Henry Peyret, Principal Analyst for Forrester, discusses 4 unique drivers for digital business transformation, integration challenges and how IT will evolve to compensate for all of this. Watch this webinar for ...

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When to Use iPaaS - A comparison with other integration approaches

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 04 Feb 2019 White Paper

The different forms of application integration, EAI/ESB, point-to-point, file export and import, etc., all have their place depending on your requirements. But before making a decision for your integration needs, ...

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Top Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms to Consider

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 28 Jan 2019 Analyst Report

Download this Gartner Magic Quadrant to learn how the top 16 vendors in the data science and ML market stack up based on 4 use-case scenarios and 15 critical capabilities.

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Cloud Analytics for Developers and IT: Easy, Embeddable and Utility-Priced

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 25 Jan 2019 White Paper

Open this whitepaper to learn about a BI solution with an hourly cost model that can easily deliver reporting and analytics in the cloud when your users need it.

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The Forrester Wave: Strategic iPaaS And Hybrid Integration Platforms, Q1 2019

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 03 Jan 2019 White Paper

Forrester has recently completed an evaluation of the strategic Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) markets. Access the report here, and examine products from and ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 31 Dec 2018 White Paper

Read this white paper to learn why embedded BI tools and analytics have a much higher adoption rate on average, and how you can best roll out embedded analytics into your model.

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Embedded Analytics in Modern Applications

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 31 Dec 2018 eBook

Embedding data analytics into already-in-use applications makes business-beneficial insights available to any employee. Read this e-book to find out different embedding challenges and methods, whether you should ...

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Streaming Business Intelligence and Spotfire X

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 31 Dec 2018 White Paper

Spotfire X has been built from the ground up for streaming data analytics. Read this white paper for 7 essential elements to this streaming BI technology, and what it is capable of doing for your business.

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Spotfire X: All-New A(X) Experience

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 31 Dec 2018 Webcast

Watch this announcement webinar to learn the potential of NLP search, automated and real-time data flows, and AI-powered insight technologies combined for analytics, and why TIBCO Spotfire X could be a strong asset...

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