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Fraud Investigation Management

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 05 Aug 2019 Webcast

Download this webcast to learn about a 5 layer approach to fraud management, so your organization can become more proactive and not just reactive.

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Hemlock Semiconductor Manufactures Success with End-to-End Analytics

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 02 Aug 2019 Case Study

Hemlock Semiconductor was suffering from heavy information silos and tired legacy systems that were not keeping pace with their modern analytics efforts—but, they were able to work around this by embracing a more ...

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3rd Party Report: Connected Intelligence In Insurance

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 01 Aug 2019 White Paper

The insurance industry as we know it is transforming dramatically as a result of new technologies like machine learning and AI—businesses looking to remain competitive going forward will want to take notes. Read ...

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Contextual Decision Making at the Speed of Data

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 31 Jul 2019 White Paper

Read this white paper to learn the many ways in which oil and gas utilities organizations are feeling the effects of technological digital transformation—and how they can most affectively take advantage of it.

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Powering Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector: TIBCO Connected Intelligence

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 31 Jul 2019 White Paper

Read this white paper to learn how a leading information technology infrastructure provider—TIBCO—is fueling digital transformation by enabling improved decision-making and faster time-to-action through a connected...

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First Citizens Bank Unites Systems, Services, and Customer Satisfaction

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 30 Jul 2019 White Paper

In crowded industries like financial services, being responsive is imperative to maintaining your competitive advantage and satisfying customers. Download this whitepaper to explore the customer satisfaction ...

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Applying Data Virtualization: 13 Use Cases that Matter

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 26 Jul 2019 White Paper

At a recent Data and Analytics Summit, Gartner projected accelerated data virtualization adoption for both first-time and expanded deployments. Read this white paper for 13 use cases that prove why data ...

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The Evolution of Master Data Management (MDM)

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 30 Jun 2019 eGuide

Master Data Management (MDM) has seen its share of ups and downs since its conception nearly 15 years ago—and it is certainly here to stay. Download this e-guide to follow the path of MDM from its origins to its ...

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Data as a Feature Demo Application

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 30 Jun 2019 Product Demo

Rather than offering a standalone dashboard or report, or integrating another BI tool, you have the option to embed analytics into applications that are already in use every day. Watch this demo to learn how to ...

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How to Migrate from Oracle Reports to TIBCO JasperReports for Dummies

sponsored by TIBCO Published: 07 Jun 2019 eBook

In this e-book, discover why and how to migrate from Oracle Reports to TIBCO JasperReports. Gain access to a 4 step migration plan for modern reporting, and explore results from those who have already migrated by ...

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