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Top Java programming tools used in application development

By Cameron McKenzie 27 Aug 2019

There's a multitude of Java tools that help the software development process. Here's a list of Java tools and technologies that every programmer should be aware of. Read More

Microsoft vs. IBM: A major shift in Java support

By Cameron McKenzie 19 Sep 2019

Once an afterthought in the Java community, Microsoft has seemingly overtaken IBM as the preeminent advocate among developers at the Oracle Code One conference. Read More

Step-by-step Jenkins Tomcat deploy of a WAR file

By Cameron McKenzie 29 Aug 2019

You can use Jenkins to deploy a WAR file to a container in your environment in four easy steps. Follow along to learn how to push your Jenkins pipeline to deploy to Tomcat. Read More

Microsoft Visual Studio Code installer supports AdoptOpenJDK

By Darryl K. Taft 19 Jun 2019

Microsoft targets Java developers with a Visual Studio Code installer for Java that takes care of the overall Visual Studio Code setup for developers. Read More

Close Agile open source tools vulnerabilities

By George Lawton 28 Aug 2019

The State of the Software Supply Chain report highlights some developer team best practices to help increase productivity with Agile software development. Read More

Step-by-step Maven Tomcat WAR file deploy example

By Cameron McKenzie 14 Aug 2019

Five simple steps are all that's needed to deploy WAR files with the Tomcat-Maven plugin. Use the following steps for a successful deployment in your environment. Read More

Simplify Java-based development with the Kotlin language

By Kerry Doyle 24 Jun 2019

What makes Kotlin popular among Java professionals? Explore the attributes of this functional programming language that's equipped for both traditional Java and Android developers. Read More

Hibernate vs JPA: What's the difference between these database ORM APIs?

By Cameron McKenzie 25 Jun 2019

Let us settle the Hibernate vs JPA debate for you. Here we explain the difference between JPA and Hibernate so that you'll never have to choose between the two database APIs. Read More

NetBeans Java IDE becomes top-level Apache project

By Darryl K. Taft 26 Apr 2019

The NetBeans Java development environment has achieved top-level project status at the Apache Software Foundation, a leading open source software project hosting organization. Read More

Pivotal Spring Runtime extends Java support, company lifeline

By Darryl K. Taft 07 Jun 2019

Pivotal's distribution of OpenJDK, the open source version of Java, joins the ranks of Amazon, Azul, IBM, Red Hat and others that provide long-term Java support. Read More