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Spring is the New Java EE

01 May 2007

The new J2EE was back with a vengeance at The TSS Java symposium. BEA's demeanor indicated that Weblogic was going to be out in front with a beta implementation of EJB3, with Websphere and others soon to follow. ... Read More

High Scalable & Distributed Architecture with EJB & Spring Framework

29 Sep 2010

In an Enterprise world, Spring Framework with some standard ORM tool like Hibernate gained considerable acceptance as a light-weight architecture for mid size applications. Also in Java EE 5 specification, major ... Read More

Persisting Problems

09 Jun 2004

We seem to have a big problem in the Java persistence community, and it's one that seems to have a surprisingly simple solution. Read More

Simplifying EJB development with EJB 3.0

01 Oct 2004

Take a look at the complexities in the current EJB model before we dive down discussing the details what EJB 3.0 is bringing on to the table. Read More

Simplifying EJB Development with EJB 3.0

01 Oct 2004

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) was introduced for building distributed components. When it arrived it came with a promise to solve all issues and complexities of CORBA. EJB being the heart of J2EE went through several ... Read More

Simpler Java

01 Nov 2003

In this article, we'll examine a few frameworks, and look at the basic principles that they use to embrace simplicity. We'll look at a lightweight container and a persistence framework. Then, we'll look at how the ... Read More

Enterprise Java Beans for building Business Process Management Applications

01 May 2006

BPM Suites provide the option of generating EJBs, while themselves executing within the context of an EJB Container in a cohesive optimal manner. This article shows how BPMs can leverage the underlying robust ... Read More

Enterprise Java Beans for Building Business Process Management Applications

01 May 2006

Business Process Management Suites have come a long way. The amalgamation of human workflow, enterprise application integration, business to business integration, business rules management, and process monitoring ... Read More

J2EE's destiny: Commoditization

By Michael Mimoso 02 Nov 2004

A Burton Group report identifies several factors, including open source, that will lead to the ultimate commoditization of the J2EE platform. Read More

The Benefits of Java EE5

01 Dec 2006

In Java EE 5, meta data can now be embedded directly in application code -- a process known as attribute programming. What was once required to be specified in additional XML descriptors can now be accomplished ... Read More