Giles Alexander on the Y-shaped mobile development methodology

ThoughtWorks' Giles Alexander explains how to develop multidevice-targeted mobile applications using a Y-based mobile development methodology.

In this interview with ThoughtWorks' Giles Alexander, TheServerSide's Cameron McKenzie questions Giles about what he calls a 'Y-shaped' approach to mobile application development.

Many organizations are finding it a challenge to develop native applications for each of the dominant mobile platforms on the market. At the same time, these organizations are finding that mobile applications delivered using a simple, one-size-fits-all HTML5-based approach doesn't provide the high-quality user experience that development teams want to deliver. To address these concerns, Giles suggests that organizations take a Y-shaped approach to their mobile development methodology by having teams focus on features. A single team then keeps its focus right through to the development of the user interfaces that get targeted to each of the key mobile platforms an organizations wants to support.

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