Half way may be more than enough for your mobile delivery strategy

Many organizations try to do far too much when it comes to creating a mobile presence. Sometimes a small, scaled down version of your full scale application can be everything you need to attract new users to your application.

It's not always necessary to make all aspects of an application mobile to reap the rewards. CCP Games, creator of EVE Online and other massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), used Amazon AppStream to show how potential players could have an instant-on experience with the EVE character creator. By showing potential players how they can take their first steps in the EVE Online universe more quickly by customizing an avatar for game play, they hoped to leverage this psychological and emotional investment to keep players coming back.

The key value of AppStream for us it to meet the new generation of people who are used to a lot faster gratification.

Halldor Fannar, CEO of CPP

Halldor Fannar, CEO of CPP, described the problem that AppStream solved. "We're shipping larger and larger data packages. People will abandon the download because it's just so big. And that problem is just becoming worse." Even though it still isn't possible to provide the full gaming experience on a tablet, it is possible to hook potential players with an initial, frictionless dose of satisfaction. "The key value of AppStream for us it to meet the new generation of people who are used to a lot faster gratification and say, 'Here is an experience we'd like you to try, and you can try it right now.'"

Simplify the mobile experience

Far too many organizations try to boil the ocean when they think about porting their applications to a mobile environment. They try to take every feature that is available on the desktop and reproduce that functionality on a mobile device, working through all of the various issues that arise when using either a native programming languages or application delivery over the web. CPP Games proves that success doesn't mean having an all or nothing strategy.

Sometimes providing a scaled down but highly enjoyable experience on a mobile device or tablet is all that is needed. Customers will appreciate the olive branch a scaled down tablet based application provides, and if your application can capture the spirit of the end user, they will follow the path that leads to the full scale and full blown versions of your application, regardless of the vehicle upon which they are deployed.

How are using Amazon Web Services to simplify your mobile development strategy? Let us know.

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