How to mix cloud computing and DevOps to maximize productivity

Two powerful IT concepts, DevOps and cloud computing, are making organizations more productive than ever before. Here are three tips on how your DevOps team can maximize value by integrating with cloud computing technologies.

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that DevOps represents a significant cultural shift for the programming and production sides of IT. Today, the tooling that supports this new, more enmeshed way of developing, deploying and maintaining apps is just coming into its own. However, the fact that both Dev and Ops are transitioning to the cloud adds another interesting wrinkle. What steps might help when blending DevOps with the Cloud?

#1: Use cloud-friendly tools

According to Simon Maple, the technical evangelist for ZeroTurnaround, clients have to take command—literally. The key to managing DevOps in the cloud is a command center hosted by the client to which each managed server connects directly. "For a new instance to become accessible to the command center, all it would need is an agent running on that local server. That's something that can easily be dropped into cloud instances." With a solution that bundles the app, the database and the config, it is simpler to push out minor or major changes across the cloud.

#2: Don't forget where you came from

Although automation will become increasingly important, it's still critical to understand what's happening under the hood. This means having a grasp of all the steps that go into the deployment process. Otherwise, you'll be taking a stab in the dark with trouble-shooting and customizing your automation tools. Could you still go manual for a particular project if you had to (if speed wasn't a consideration)? If not, what would be the sticking points?

#3: Groom your team for success

The operations side of things might seem to be getting less critical with the cloud and new tooling taking on a major workload. But qualified Ops personnel are actually becoming more difficult to find as the cloud adds complexity. Ongoing application management in the real world is where the rubber meets the road, and finding the right big picture people is critical. Helping your developers learn as much as they can about operations will ease the pain since they can make smarter choices in their programming to avoid common errors.

How are you integrating cloud computing with your DevOps team? Let us know.

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