JavaOne 2010 news, views and conference coverage

Find the latest news and information on development from JavaOne and Oracle Develop 2010.

JavaOne 2010 is home to the most influential developers in the Java community.This year is the first year that the JavaOne conference is held in conjunction with Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Develop. Find the latest news and information on development from JavaOne and Oracle Develop 2010. For more current JavaOne coverage, check out our JavaOne 2011 conference coverage page.

Pre-conference coverage:

Insights on JavaOne 2010 and Oracle OpenWorld
Everyone is gearing up for JavaOne 2010, and in anticipation of the event, got a chance to chat with habitual presenter, Eugene Ciurana. Read the interview.

Coverage from the conference:

Sasha Labourey on continuous integration environments
Interview with Sasha Labourey, former JBoss CTO, who just started a new company, CloudBees offering Hudson as a service. Labourey discusses continuous integration environments.

Benjamin Mestrallet on rumors about Java
At JavaOne 2010, Benjamin Mestrallet, eXo CEO, opines on real and rumored threats to Java, discussing the Oracle suit against Google and Oracle's JavaOne announcements about the Java roadmap.

Eric Dalci and Ray Lai on SaaS security
Eric Dalci and Ray Lai explain the audience's reactions and why password security still causes major hassles in SaaS.

Ashesh Badani on cloud computing pain points
Cloud computing's pain points for developers include challenges in capacity planning, "policying" and increasing needs for flexibility in programming,according to Ashesh Badani, senior director of JBOSS Enterprise Middleware for Red Hat. In this video, Badani describes the challenges developers face in creating apps for and maintaining apps in the cloud create.

Ashesh Badani talks about systems convergence
The explosion of data and cloud-based application deployments in businesses today are driving a convergence between event-driven architecture, business rules and business process management (BPM), said JBoss middleware expert Ashesh Badani. In this video, Badani -- Red Hat's senior director of JBoss Enterprise Middleware -- connects the dots between these trends and practices.

What's going on with Google?
Cameron McKenzie discusses one of the bigger topics being discussed at JavaOne: What is going on with Google? Listen to what he has to share.

Java and OpenJDK additions discussed as Oracle takes JavaOne stage
Oracle outlined OpenJDK additions and enhancements destined for future versions of Java at JavaOne in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Java Father James Gosling lobbied developers to call for an open Java foundation.

Advice on Getting The Most Out of JavaOne with Replay Solutions' Jonathan Lindo
TheServerSide got a chance to talk to hit up Jonathan Lindo of Replay Solutions about being an exhibitor at JavaOne, and what JavaOne attendees can do to get the most out of JavaOne and OracleWorld 2010.

Oracle World 2010: When hardware met software
If the JavaOne folks were salving their pride this week, feeling both packed tight and scattered in a bunch of hotels on the other side of San Francisco’s Market Street - kicked out, if you will, of the Moscone Center that used to be the sole home for JavaOne – then how did the OracleWorld people feel?

JavaOne 2010: Dario Laverde's day one update
Reporting on the latest announcements, live from JavaOne 2010. The Java 7 & 8 roadmap, new developments for JavaFX (compiles to HTML5 in 2012).

Electric Cloud Releases ElectronicCommander Workgroup Edition for SMBs
Electric Cloud, a provider of software production management solutions, has just released a new edition of ElectricCommander targeted to developers at small and midsize businesses.The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company unveiled ElectricCommander Workgroup Edition on Monday at the JavaOne and Oracle Develop 2010 conferences in San Francisco.

JavaOne 2010 SOA news 
This year is Oracle's first year as Java steward. As a result, JavaOne 2010 will be a very closely watched event. Keep up with our on-going coverage.

JavaOne Kicks Off Sunday Night with Keynotes and an Open Bar
JavaOne kicked off on Sunday night, with a host of keynotes and an open bar. Larry's keynote went long, but like any keynote, it was more about hype than issues. Let's see how the issues get dealt with as JavaOne gets going.

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