This content is part of the Essential Guide: Mobile software guide to BI, ALM and development

Mobile guide: Overcoming development challenges

In this mobile guide, get a better scope of mobile development challenges and solutions.

This mobile guide explains what to expect from mobile development challenges and how best to avoid mistakes. Get the latest information on mobile development best-practice strategies from industry experts.

Mobile development challenges

From application portfolios to data security, mobile development can be challenging. What types of mobile challenges is your business facing? Find out what experts consider to be the biggest challenges and where to avoid common mistakes.

          How mobile deployments are changing the ALM process

          Do mobile development teams put data security at risk?

          How to solve mobile ALM quality challenges in the fragmented Android space

          Do you have an app portfolio problem?

Strategies for mobile development

Assessing mobile development challenges is only half the solution. How to overcome these issues is the next step. Get the latest news on strategies for mobile development and how best to embrace mobile solutions.

          Prioritizing mobile development strategies

          How do you create a beautiful API?

          Using cloud tools to reduce enterprise software development costs

          API's evolution: A future beyond mobile and embedded systems

          How to avoid mobile development mistakes

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