Portlet Configuration with WebSphere Portal

This tutorial shows you how to configure individual portlets in WebSphere Portal Server 7.

How do I add a Portlet to a page?

Just like page creation, WebSphere Portal offers several for adding Portlets to pages.  We’ll again use the basic method.

1.       Click the Go to Edit mode button



2.       Click the Customize button


3.       Click the Portlet link under Browse Content


4.       Cycle through the list of available Portlet and click the + button next to the Frequent Users Portlet


5.       Notice that the Portlet has been added to the page but that it has not yet been loaded.

6.       Click the Save button


7.       Once the changes are saved, the page will refresh, and the page will load with the Portlet content



[Author’s Note: It took next to forever for my instance of Portal to save the change.  If nothing else, Portal 7 Beta will teach patience.]

How do I remove a Portlet from a page?

We’ve determined that the Frequent Users Portlet doesn’t fulfill our needs and we are going remove it from the page.


1.       If you’re not already in the Edit mode, click the Go to Edit mode button



2.       Click the Portlet Menu icon and click Delete

3.       Click the Save button to confirm the deletion


4.       Click the Go to View mode button


How do I remove a page?

We also determined that a page named My First Page must be deleted.


1.       If you’re not in the Edit mode, click the Go to Edit mode button



2.       Click the More Actions button and select


3.       Click OK to delete the page




What’s next?

Now that you have been exposed to the basic Page and Portlet features, I’d like to explore one of the new features of the product.  In the next article, we’ll venture into the wonderful world of Tagging and Rating and how we can apply it successfully and gain business value.

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