Rating Components with WebSphere Portal 7

Rating Components with WebSphere Portal 7


How do I Rate Portlets?

I particularly like Redbooks.  Free information written in English. 

[Author’s Note: By English I mean actual English versus techie English which can be somewhat cryptic and utterly useless.]

To rate a Portlet, perform the following simple tasks.

Click the Portlet Menu on the IBM Redbooks Portlet and select Rate this Portlet

I’m going to rate this Portlet 5 stars!

Click the Save button.

How do I privately rate a Portlet?

Repeat the same steps as the previous steps but I have to click the Private button and then perform the rating.

Click the Save button


What does the Portlet Menu’s Browse Tags button do?


Browse Tags from the Frequent Users Portlet menu



Browse Tags from the IBM Redbooks Portlet menu


[This is an interesting use case and it illustrates that the Browse Tags sets the scope to Page level.]

Just for fun I’m going to add a few tags to the IBM Redbooks Portlet and try it again.

And now we test it again.

How does Browse Tags work from the page level?


[Beta Bug:  The results aren’t quite what I expected.  I went ahead and tested each of the links and they both reference the same page.]


What is the Tag Center?

At its core, the Tag Center is simply Portal page comprised of 2 Portlets:

1.      Tag Cloud

2.      Tag Results




Tag Cloud


Tag Results



How do I use the Tag Center?

We’ve already caught a few glance of the Tag Center, now we’ll investigate its functionality as it currently exists.

Log out of WebSphere Portal

Log into WebSphere Portal

Click the Tag Center link

Click the WebSphere tag


Next click thesemi-useless tag

There are two things to take note of.  Firstly, two results are displayed.  Originally I thought that it was because the Frequent Users Portlet existed on the My Portal Tagging Test Page.  I had to take a closer look at the results.

When elements from the Tag Cloud are selected, the tags are added cumulatively to the search!

Let’s remove the WebSphere tag by clicking on the X

Now this is a more realistic representation of what we’re actually searching for.

Now that we know how the Tag results display their results, let’s try another tag.  Click the Useful tag from the Cloud List Portlet.

What else can be said about the results?

There are several other features provided by this interface.

Rating is returned displaying the cumulative score and the number or people that rated the resource.


[Beta bug: Grey on Grey… not particularly useful]

Sorting provided by Date, Title, and Rating

Summary and Detail views available


Can we control any of the Tag Results Portlets results?

Short answer: Yes!

I discovered that the Tag Results Portlet includes both Personalize and Edit Shared edit modes.  Administrators can specific Page wide settings or Users can override the preset values and personalize their own experience.



Tag Cloud Edit Shared Settings


Action modes


Redirect to tag center:

Expose public render parameter:

Scoping modes


No scoping:

Scope by categories:

Categories to be used as scopes:

Scope by type schemas:

Type schemas to be used as scopes:

Automatically scope to set of defined scopes:

Allow end users to scope the tag cloud:

Prevent receiving scopes:

Display settings


Default view mode: Cloud:

Default view mode: List:

Display related tags only:

Maximum number of tags to display:




Here we have some more interesting options to choose from.  I’d wondered what the Scoping applied to and now I know.  It appears that we can defined out own scope schema to which Tags can be applied.  Perhaps we’d want some Development, or Administrative, or Manager scope to which to apply tags.   It’s a little outside the scope of this article, so I’ll probably update you on a blog entry in the future.

[Beta Bug:  Logging out and Logging back in is required to clear whatever session caching information is in place.  When I originally attempted to perform this step, the results listed results from the previous steps.]



Beta Bug:  DO NOT click the Go to Edit Mode button from this page.  An infinite Loading spinner will be the result and may crash the browser.  To work around this bug, hit the ESC key then click the Go to Edit Mode button again.




Beta Bug: The Slider seems to have persistent memory.  I slid the slider to the mid range, and even after a restart it remained.  I’m not sure if this is desired behavior or not.





Beta Bug: When the Page name is updated it will automatically populate the Friendly URL name field.  Any changes to  the Friendly URL name field are lost if you go back and update the Page name!


Any changes to  the Friendly URL name field are lost if you go back and update the Page name!


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