Ben Evans and Martijn Verburg on Java 7

In this video Ben Evans and Martjin Verburg talk about Java 7, the new version of Java that's coming out this summer. Find out what sorts of improvements have been made and when to expect your first look at Java 7.
This video is part of an interview by Jan Stafford at TheServerSide Java Symposium.

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Ben Evans and Martin Verburg on Java 7 

Ben Evans: Hi. I'm Ben Evans.

Martijn Verburg: And I'm Martijn Verburg.

Ben Evans: We are just going to talk about Java 7.
Java 7 is the new release that is coming out at back
end of July, this year. It is going to have some
awesome new features in it. It has a photo dynamic,
it has loads of shiny new IO features, and lots of
little syntax changes which can make your life easier.

Martijn Verburg: It is all about reducing the amount
of boilerplate code you need to write. There is going
to be performance improvements, as well, and a lot of
help for dynamic languages, which is really great.

Ben Evans: The developer preview's out now, and you
should get in there, check it out, and get some
feedback in.


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