Claus Ibsen: "What are the best uses of Camel?"

Claus Ibsen is an application engineer with Fuse Source who works with Apache Camel. In this video he answers the question, "What are the best uses of Apache Camel?"

This video comes from an interview by Jan Stafford on TheServerSide Java Symposium.

Read the full transcript from this video below: 
Claus Ibsen: "What are the best uses of Camel?"

Hello. Best uses for Camel. Well, Camel is so flexible and lightweight that you can use it in a lot of scenarios. You can use it like a proxy, if you have some integration and you need to see it in a proxy, but it can also be used like an ESB. If you need the full-blown ESB features, Camel is actually part of the Apache ServiceMix ESB, so it kind of works together and you get the best of both worlds. Camel is not necessarily designed for a specific industry, so it's very broad,  so you can use it for healthcare, finance, telco and whatever you want. It's very customizable, so you can plug in your custom adapters and components if you want.

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