Free Book: Jakarta Struts Live

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Free Book: Jakarta Struts Live

By Rick Hightower

11 May 2006 |

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Jakarta Struts Live

Jakarta Struts Live contains thorough coverage of both the Struts MVC architecture and building each of the Struts components of this architecture. You'll learn to use vital features like Tiles, the Validator, DynaActionForms, plug-ins, and internationalization. You also look at how you can leverage other open-source technologies to improve your Struts development process and experiences.

Some of the topics covered by Jakarta Struts Live include:

  • Getting Started with Struts
  • Testing Struts Applications
  • ActionForms and DynaActionForms
  • The Validator Framework
  • The Model-View-Controller Architecture
  • The Struts Tag Library
  • Using Tiles
  • The JSTL and Struts
  • Internationalization (I18N)
  • Extending Struts

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Rick Hightower is the owner of the Struts Live title for SourceBeat. Rick is a best-selling author of books such as Java Tools for Extreme Programming and Python Programming With the Java Class Libraries. Rick has also written tutorials and articles for IBM DeveloperWorks and Java Developer's Journal. In his spare time, Rick is CTO for ArcMind, Inc.

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