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Helpful ways to prevent DevOps burnout in Java shift left

DevOps burnout is more common than you think. Pay attention to the details in your Java shift left to make sure your dev and management teams are working toward the same goals.

Microsoft buys Java credibility with jClarity

Microsoft has acquired jClarity to help optimize its Azure cloud platform to run Java workloads, a coveted target for the now open source-friendly software giant.

How to deploy a WAR file in Tomcat with Maven

Five simple steps are all that's needed to deploy WAR files with the Tomcat-Maven plugin. Use the following steps for a successful deployment in your environment.

Install Java on Windows and set JAVA_HOME and PATH

You have options when it comes to JDK installations on Windows and Linux. Here are some helpful tips to ensure a proper install and why JAVA_HOME can be helpful.

Write clean code in Java with these best practices

Follow these three best practices to write clean Java code and help make your application development simple and painless for all parties involved in the process.

Coffee Talk: News & Insight

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