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5 helpful JDK tools to use in your scripts

These five JDK tools -- javac, javap, jstat, jdeps and jar -- should be on the must-know list for every developer to help comprehend the underlying code in a project.

Get the most out of Java development with these tools

Java application deployment tools such as Maven and Gradle can be beneficial for your IT team. Compare those and other options, along with frameworks, to ease this process.

Pivotal extends support with Spring Runtime, OpenJDK

Pivotal's distribution of OpenJDK, the open source version of Java, joins the ranks of Amazon, Azul, IBM, Red Hat and others that provide long-term Java support.

Here are 5 interesting facts about the JDBC API

Are you new to Java programming? Here are five interesting facts about the JDBC API and what you need to know about it to ease your development pathway.

Take advantage of GitHub's private features

The private repository feature is now available in the GitHub free tier. Here's how to create and clone a repository without error messages to derail development.

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