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How to curb a high IT project failure rate

Enterprise software development is difficult, so it's no surprise to discover there is a high IT project failure rate. Here's how to buck the trend and get yours to succeed.

What is the best operating system for developers?

Does the developer operating system play a part in the SDLC equation anymore? Well, it depends on what you're programming. Mobile and cloud development demand different OS best practices.

Fight code bloat and add typable Spring beans to your Java apps

Java is always criticized for being bloated. But there are ways to minimize all the fill-in code. This Spring beans tutorial shows you how to write more efficient applications.

What's the best first programming language to learn?

Some consider Java to be the best first programming language for developers to learn. But does it really matter? Most languages are made up of the same building blocks.

Step-by-step Checkstyle tutorial in Eclipse

The best way to preserve your code quality is to routinely run static code analysis from your IDE. Here's a tutorial on how to do this with the Checkstyle plugin for Eclipse.

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