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10 non-Jenkins CI tools to consider in 2021

Looking for an alternative to Jenkins in your CI/CD environment? Consider options from Atlassian, GitLab, Spinnaker and more to see if they better fit your development needs.

Camel case vs. snake case: What's the difference?

The use of white space is what separates camel case and snake case. Camel case has none, while snake case uses underscores. Let's review some examples to make this clear.

Test your knowledge of Java foundations

Whether you're new to Java or have worked with the language for years, you need to know the foundational building blocks. Review the basics in this Java quiz.

A guide to common variable naming conventions

Every developer should know the basic variable naming conventions to more easily move from language to language. Review the common ones here like Pascal, camel and snake case.

Kubernetes vs. Docker: What's the difference?

To succeed in cloud native development, developers need to know their way around Kubernetes and Docker. Here are the basics on these two container technologies.

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