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Microsoft, Pivotal launch Azure Spring Cloud

Azure Spring Cloud, jointly developed by Microsoft and Pivotal, lets Spring developers bring apps to the cloud without concern for the underlying cloud infrastructure.

GitHub expands security, enterprise focus with Semmle

With the Semmle semantic code analysis engine freshly added to its quiver, GitHub gives corporate development teams one way to boost security of their open source software.

API vulnerabilities open new doors for hackers

API and web application vulnerabilities may share some common traits, but it's where they differ that hackers will target.

Ecstasy programming language targets cloud-native computing

Startup has a new Ecstasy programming language that aims to arm developers for the cloud-native computing era with features that Java and other programming languages lack.

Microsoft vs. IBM: A major shift in Java support

Once an afterthought in the Java community, Microsoft has seemingly overtaken IBM as the preeminent advocate among developers at the Oracle Code One conference.

Coffee Talk: News & Insight

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