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How to get a COVID-19 application developed quickly

Application developers with skills and an idea could design an app to combat the virus. Follow these insights to effectively design and deploy a coronavirus-related app.

Developers: Volunteer for projects fighting COVID-19

What resources can developers offer to go against COVID-19? Explore some promising developer volunteer and open source project opportunities to see how you can help.

5 non-Jenkins CI tools for Java developers

In need of an alternative to Jenkins as part of a CI/CD environment? Consider options from Atlassian, GitLab, Spinnaker, JetBrains and CloudBees to see if they would be a better fit for development teams.

Work from home tips from the remote dev community

The distributed dev community often works remotely. Pick up these approaches, such as an asynchronous schedule and video collaboration, to be productive and in sync while the whole team works from home.

How to refactor the God object antipattern

Loose coupling can inadvertently create a God object problem in an object-oriented software system. Here's how to get rid of the issue and simplify the design in five easy steps.

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