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The difference between Java sampling and instrumentation

These two approaches both aim to improve Java performance and can be done together. But there is a fundamental difference between instrumentation and sampling.

How to fix high Java CPU usage problems

The root cause of high Java CPU usage is not always simple to diagnose. Let's go over some common misdirections and review what often causes the problem under the hood.

Test your knowledge of JVM profiling tools with this quiz

Since their inclusion in Java 11, Java Flight Recorder and JDK Mission Control have become the de facto Java profiling tools for the JVM. Test your knowledge with these 10 questions.

JVM tuning vs. Java optimization: What's the difference?

JVM tuning and Java optimization sound similar, and both aim to boost application performance. But they take fundamentally different approaches to accomplish their goals.

5 ways to force garbage collection in Java

A developer can't technically force garbage collection in Java, but it can be made a priority. If you need to free up heap space, here are five ways to prioritize it in the JVM.

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