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Need to git reset a commit? It's easy to do it the hard way

For those looking to undo a commit, the easiest way to do it is by using the git reset hard command. It's the easy way to reset the HEAD, the index and the working tree as well.

Learn to do a Jenkins GitHub pull request via the Git plug-in

This Jenkins Git integration tutorial demonstrates how to create a freestyle build job that performs a Jenkins GitHub pull request. It's an example of the Jenkins Git plug-in in action.

Banking industry orders self-service DevOps automation

Self-service DevOps automation appeals to enterprises that must push out new code as they adapt to changing requirements.

Customize your Jenkins jobs with this build parameters example

It's easy to customize your Jenkins jobs when you add parameters to the build. This Jenkins parameterized build example is the first step to a fresh continuous integration pipeline.

Improve your RESTful Java APIs with these design principles

RESTful Java API designs shouldn't be hard to get right. This RESTful APIs tutorial shows core RESTful principles concerning URL structure and the effective use of HTTP methods.

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