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Maching learning development projects pose challenges

Developing AI apps isn't a walk in the park. Here's a guideline on how it differs from traditional application development and what your IT teams need to be aware of.

Use plugins to boost Elasticsearch security and app dev

Harden your enterprise with security plugins for Elasticsearch that target hacker behaviors, patterns and goals to limit issues, and keep your information safe.

Recent runC code issue opens attacker doors

Examine a recent vulnerability to the runC container code and what you need to do to prevent unwanted root access and container manipulation in your computing environment.

Simplify your URL with WebSphere Portal

If your Portal URL displays the tired /wps/portal preamble in the browser's location bar, it's time to perform Portal URL simplification and change it.

Jenkins plugins: How can they be exploited?

The Jenkins Security Advisory maintains a list of vulnerable plugins and ways to fix issues that may otherwise hamper your environment. Keep a close eye on it for your well-being.

Coffee Talk: News & Insight

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