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Changes in API thought process affect the business

As organizations look for more cost-effective ways to manage data, an evolving landscape with APIs has made the technology more useful for both the business and IT side.

How differences play a role in the Jetty vs. Tomcat debate

What is your Java application server of choice? Where you stand on the Jetty vs. Tomcat debate probably lends a hand to which one you use in production.

Learn lambdas with this Java Predicate example

Use this Java Predicate example to help developers learn lambdas, expand functional programming and reduce code verbosity in their environment.

Run and compile JDK 13 preview features in 5 steps

Follow these five steps to enable the JDK 13 text blocks as part of the preview features in the latest Java release and use multi-line String literal in your code.

How to prepare for hackathons at your company

Want to host a hackathon? Here are some ideas on what a company can do to host an event that solves problems and reenergizes the organization. Just don't forget the food.

Coffee Talk: News & Insight

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