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Consider these 6 factors to decide when to quit your job

Unsure if you're truly ready to quit your job? Consider these tips and questions to help you decide to move to a new role, organization or even career.

Speed up Python and NumPy by avoiding the conversion tax

Data and memory transfers in Python come with a hidden performance tax. Here's how to use NumPy for optimal performance by avoiding jumps across a hidden line of conversions.

Jira story vs. task: What's the difference?

To help teams progress from vision to implementation, Jira provides stories and tasks. Here's the difference between a Jira story and a task.

5 code refactoring patterns, with examples

First-time finished code is rarely elegant or maintainable. Refactoring helps keep a growing codebase maintainable and extendable over time -- as long as you know where to stop.

Top REST API URL naming convention standards

There is no official REST URL naming standard. However, these 15 RESTful API naming conventions will help you create highly interoperable web services.

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