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How to choose between Tomcat and JBoss

How do Apache Tomcat and RedHat's JBoss EAP server compare? Evaluate the features of each application server to find the one that makes sense for your enterprise.

How the EntityManager in JPA manages transactions

Follow this JPA EntityManager persist example tutorial to see how it can be used for transaction management and how to save changes to the database.

The logic of micro front ends

Micro front-end development has grown in prominence though has not yet found its footing in the enterprise. Learn more about micro front ends and consider some potential pros and cons.

What's new with Red Hat Runtimes

Faster microservices runtimes are the center of the excitement around Quarkus. Hear what Red Hat's James Falkner thinks about the framework in this podcast with

Static vs. static final: What's the difference?

Think of a class as a cookie cutter and an individual instance as a cookie. Use this analogy to visualize how static final creates unchangeable variables in Java.

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