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Agile infographic: 10 facts about the Agile Manifesto

How well do you know the Manifesto for Agile software development? Here are 10 interesting facts about the Agile Manifesto's principles and values.

Forward proxy vs. reverse proxy: What's the difference?

Forward and reverse proxies secure and isolate resources that reside on a private network, but they play different roles in modern enterprise architectures.

Abstract pattern recognition skills aid developers and musicians

What do good programmers and musicians have in common? The ability to recognize and apply abstract patterns helps both roles keep their work in harmony.

Agile vs. Waterfall: What's the difference?

The contrasts between Agile and Waterfall are stark. Here we compare these two popular development methods, and show you the key differences between Waterfall versus Agile.

5 tips to make the transition from programmer to manager

Developers who want to shift gears from programmer to manager must embrace a different mindset and various skills. These five tips will guide your path.

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