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Try to answer these DevOps engineer interview questions

Interested in applying for that DevOps engineer position? Then take a look at these 10 sample DevOps interview questions and answers, and see how well you are prepared.

Can you answer advanced Jenkins interview questions?

Applying for an engineering job where continuous integration is part of the description? Here are 10 tough Jenkins interview questions to prepare you for the DevOps engineering interview.

How Eclipse makes it easy to create SOAP web services

There was a time when creating a SOAP web service was an arduous task. In this step-by-step SOAP web services example in Java using Eclipse, let's show how times have changed.

How to apply Java Checkstyle rules to each Maven build

Java Checkstyle rules can be applied to every build to ensure developers are following source code quality rules correctly. This Maven Checkstyle Plugin tutorial shows you how.

A 10-question Git test to prove your DVCS mettle

Test your distributed version control knowledge with this 10 Git questions quiz. It's a quick test that will see how well you know the basics of the popular DVCS tool.

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