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6 tips to navigate an employee performance review

Worried about your next employee performance review? Follow these six tips to get the most out of it.

A primer on Java 21 virtual threads with examples

Virtual threads let developers build applications that handle potentially millions of users and ensure consistent service delivery. Here's how Java 21 virtual threads work.

11 real benefits of microservices

There's a reason why so many vendors have moved from monoliths to microservices. Here are 11 real benefits microservices bring to companies.

What does the Python 'if name equals main' construct do?

Ever wonder what Python's if name equals main syntax does? Here we explore what it does and when to use it.

10 disadvantages of microservices you'll need to overcome

Not everyone is keen to adopt a cloud-native architecture, for good reasons. These common drawbacks to microservices might convince you to stick with your traditional architecture.

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