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Top 4 tools for testing cyclomatic complexity

Code that's less complex is easier to troubleshoot and maintain. If developers can calculate code cyclomatic complexity metrics, they have a playbook to tackle the testing phase.

How do GitHub and Git differ? Let's compare

What are Git and GitHub? Are they actually the same thing? In this comparison article, we compare Git vs GitHub and examine the differences between the tools, like who maintains them and how easy they integrate with other tools.

Will IBM and Red Hat make enterprise Java their own?

Expect enterprise Java to evolve under the influence of new stewards, including IBM and Red Hat which will likely steer it toward cloud-native and microservices development.

Oracle gets serious about the unsafe misuse of sun.misc

Soon, any code that uses Java internal APIs will not compile, and shortly after that, code that uses classes in sun.misc will not even run.

Why choose Java? GitHub has its reasons

Ruby played a big role in the history of GitHub, but Java now plays a bigger part. At Oracle Code One, GitHub engineering manager Rafer Hazen provided plenty of reasons why.

Coffee Talk: News & Insight

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