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Watson Content Hub misses the mark for IBM

IBM's Watson might make waves on certain TV game shows, but it can't even get some simple basic forms correct, which could sour potential developers before they even start.

Step-by-step breakdown of JSoup screen scraper

Follow this JSoup example of screen scraping to aggregate data from live webpages, and generate results that can be easily identified and organized.

JavaScript popularity pushes TypeScript adoption

More developers choose to work with JavaScript to build web, server-side and mobile applications, while TypeScript has quickly gained traction, according to recent analysis.

Homomorphic encryption quiets security concerns

A new technology could make it easier to write apps that don't have to decrypt data and, therefore, improve security without a compromise made for development.

Simplify things with only necessary Java DevOps tools

Don't let a long list of DevOps tools burden your enterprise. Incorporate telemetry to simplify your tooling and prevent developers from working redundantly on similar problems.

Coffee Talk: News & Insight

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