Git Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide

Git is, without any doubt, the most popular version control system. Ironically, there are other version control systems easier to learn and to use, but, despite that, Git is the favorite option for developers, which is quite clarifying about the powerfulness of Git.

This guide will cover all the topics needed to know in order to use Git properly, from explaining what is it and how it differs from other tools, to its usage, covering also advanced topics and practices that can suppose an added value to the process of version controlling.

1. What is version control? What is Git?

Version control is the management of the changes made within a system, that it has not to be software necessarily.

Even if you have never used before Git or similar tools, you will probably have ever carried out a version control. A very used and bad practice in software developing is, when the software has reached a stable situation, saving a local copy of it, identifying it as stable, and then following with the changes in other copy.

This is something that every software engineer has done before using specific tools version controlling, so don’t feel bad if you have done it. Actually, this is much more better than having commented the code like:…

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