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Guide to the JavaOne 2017 conference

The JavaOne 2017 conference brings together the elite of the Java community. Find out what the experts are focused on this year.


At the JavaOne 2017 conference, experts from such companies as Oracle to Intel gather together to discuss the latest in modern application development technology.

This year's keynote is focused on the rise of the cloud developer and how to engage customers through various forms of contemporary communication, including mobile applications, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and chatbots.

The Java community also delves into the various stages of Java Enterprise Edition (EE), how JSR-375 helps to simplify security needs, using microservices and containers, and other newer technologies, like digital transformation and the changing role of DevOps.

JavaOne 2017 promises to be different from past years, in both location strategies and topical content. Get the latest from JavaOne 2017 in this conference guide, and check back for frequent updates.

1Expectations at JavaOne 2017-

A new year, a new JavaOne

What can you expect from JavaOne 2017? Lots of Java talk, plenty on cloud computing and even some on digital transformation, containers and DevOps. Learn how this year will be different from past years with editor and frequent JavaOne goer Cameron McKenzie.


A new stage for JavaOne 2017

It always left a bitter taste in my mouth seeing JavaOne relegated to a bunch of hotels by San Francisco's Union Square while OracleWorld filled the Moscone building. It's nice to see JavaOne 2017 and Oracle OpenWorld now sharing the same convention center. Continue Reading


Getting to know updated Java tools

Leading enterprise architects and developers will discuss a variety of improvements to Java development tooling, including container awareness, modularity and Java EE MicroProfile. Continue Reading


Orchestrating digital transformation and cloud

Experts advise attendees to focus on data stewardship and orchestration to make the most of digital transformation strategies at JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Why you should start digital transformation projects

What's driving businesses to start digital transformation projects? Tata Consultancy experts explain the human and technology forces in play. Continue Reading

2JavaOne 2017 on Java-

Java on Java, and more

This section of the JavaOne 2017 conference guide covers the Java portion of the show. Where is Java EE these days? What about Java Standard Edition (SE) 9 and Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK)? Learn what the Java community is talking about.


Energizing the Java community with Java SE 9 and OpenJDK

From the release of Java 9 to the GPL of OpenJDK builds, recent Oracle announcements have energized the Java community, creating a palpable positivity at JavaOne 2017. Continue Reading


Simplifying and securing Java EE

Java EE security has always been a mixed bag in terms of simplicity and standardization, but the new Java EE Security API, JSR-375, plans to change all of that. Continue Reading


Trending Javas at JavaOne 2017

What are the big trends in the Java world today? Just look at the JavaOne 2017 schedule and you'll see it goes way beyond just JavaEE 8 and the new Java 9 release. Continue Reading


Java EE and Java platform updates at JavaOne

Will the future involvement of the Eclipse Foundation lead to a faster and more nimble Java platform update process? Oracle's Michael Lehmann believes it will. Continue Reading


MVC 1.0 and Java EE Security simplify Java microservices

Once the decision has been made to use containers and microservices, it's good to know that MVC 1.0 and the Java EE Security API will make the development process much easier. Continue Reading

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