Guide to the JavaOne 2017 conference

Last updated:October 2017

Editor's note

At the JavaOne 2017 conference, experts from such companies as Oracle to Intel gather together to discuss the latest in modern application development technology.

This year's keynote is focused on the rise of the cloud developer and how to engage customers through various forms of contemporary communication, including mobile applications, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and chatbots.

The Java community also delves into the various stages of Java Enterprise Edition (EE), how JSR-375 helps to simplify security needs, using microservices and containers, and other newer technologies, like digital transformation and the changing role of DevOps.

JavaOne 2017 promises to be different from past years, in both location strategies and topical content. Get the latest from JavaOne 2017 in this conference guide, and check back for frequent updates.

1Java on Java, and more

This section of the JavaOne 2017 conference guide covers the Java portion of the show. Where is Java EE these days? What about Java Standard Edition (SE) 9 and Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK)? Learn what the Java community is talking about.

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