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Developers' guide to deploying microservices and containers


Microservices and containers work with one another and ease each other's missteps to improve cloud, development and operations. Microservices utilize the scalability, reusability and resiliency, and containers help with resource productivity.

The first section of this guide covers how microservices and containers work together, what to expect in the coming year and how best to avoid problems.

The next section takes a direct look into Docker. Why is Docker considered the most mainstream container option? How can Docker benefit microservices? Should you look outside of Docker? Find out these answers and more.

If you're pretty confident in your microservices and containers knowledge, test yourself in the quiz section. If you're not ready for testing just yet, refresh yourself with some software technology definitions. 

1Containment with microservices-

A dynamic duo: Microservices and containers

As enterprises move toward modularity, microservices and containers are becoming more mainstream. Learn what to expect from microservices and containers, how to avoid unnecessary risks and helpful management strategies.


How to simplify portable apps with Docker and microservices

As the industry moves away from traditional SOA, organizations are instead choosing to create portable applications with SOA and microservices. Continue Reading


What to expect from microservices and containers in 2017

While 2016 proved that microservices are a great fit for cloud, the deployment part is tricky. Here's how combining microservices and containers will help DevOps teams in 2017. Continue Reading


Avoid issues when containerizing microservices

How can you simplify the process of containerizing microservices and moving to the cloud? Testing and validation is the key. Continue Reading


Why Java microservices works with DevOps and Docker

To seasoned developers, microservices may sound like SOA by another name. But Java microservices apps delivered via Docker through DevOps techniques actually provide much more agility and scalability than SOA applications Continue Reading


How to improve your microservices management

Learn how merging SOA and web services will impact cloud-deployment thinking and make room for microservices. Continue Reading


Plan ahead for better microservices

Businesses should take a cautious approach to implementing microservices and developing microservices rather than apps, says Payara's Mike Croft. Get his advice in this video. Continue Reading


The road to microservices benefits is tricky

As businesses see microservices' benefits begin to accrue, IT may find itself facing a new set of challenges regarding implementation and continuing management. Continue Reading

2Driving with Docker-

Getting to know Docker containerization

Where does Docker fit in? This section covers Docker containerization with microservices, including the benefits and the fear of adoption. Learn why the need for simplifying development processes is driving the industry toward Docker.


Using Docker for container development

Development with Docker instances is popular among software development teams because it simplifies the process of building and shipping apps. Continue Reading


Docker instances become mainstream

Many organizations use Docker instances for many reasons, although security, data storage and monolithic fears remain barriers to Docker adoption. Continue Reading


Fearing Docker? Don't let it stop your container adoption

Container technology is changing the enterprise software landscape, but many unfounded fears are delaying Docker adoption. Continue Reading


Simplifying DevOps with Docker Engine

While virtualization is nothing new, the way the Docker Engine creates portable apps that can be replicated from development to deployment is helping simplify all aspects of ALM. Continue Reading


Docker and Kubernetes will simplify Java EE development

From simplified deployment to rapid development, Java Champion Adam Bien explains how Docker and Kubernetes are changing Java EE development. Continue Reading

3Testing your knowledge-

Assess your microservices and container wisdom

Think you know everything there is to know about microservices and containers? Test yourself by taking this quiz.

Do you know application containers? Find out

4Keeping up with keywords-

Microservices and containers database

Need a refresher on microservices and container terminology? This glossary section can give a better understanding of the software development evolution.

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