Effective DevOps tooling for accelerated continuous delivery adoption

Last updated:July 2017

Editor's note

In the name of efficiency, organizations are trying their hardest to create continuous delivery pipelines that push new code, fix bugs and introduce feature enhancements into production with as few human authorizations as possible. But eliminating the human element -- or at least the human element of manual sign-off -- is not an easy task. And as such, continuous delivery adoption relies heavily on a DevOps approach to application lifecycle management in which development and operations do their best to coordinate on things like task automation so that continuous delivery pipelines deliver code into production without any interruptions. Of course, the lack of effective DevOps tooling has hindered the adoption of continuous integration systems and the continuous delivery of software to the client. In this essential guide, we will look at how new, effective DevOps tooling is accelerating continuous delivery adoption.

In the first section of this essential guide, we will look at some of the latest developments in effective DevOps tooling, including the integration of Docker containers into continuous delivery software and enhancements to the Jenkins continuous integration software, and discover how these tools and technologies are helping to drive the adoption of continuous delivery systems.

In the second section, we will look at the relationship between DevOps, cloud-native computing, microservices and the continuous delivery of software, while looking at how these concepts may conflict with or compliment existing software development methodologies and application lifecycle management techniques.

In the final section, we will garner insights from Eberhard Wolff, an industry expert on continuous delivery, while looking at how effective DevOps processes and tools are making the drive towards continuous delivery adoption more palatable to organizations who are interested in making the change.

1Understanding DevOps and continuous delivery

What exactly is continuous delivery software, and how does it relate to concepts such as DevOps, cloud-native computing, microservices and continuous integration? Here we look at how Java DevOps relates to other important concepts in the world of modern enterprise software development.

2Working with DevOps tools

Given all of the background on what Java DevOps is and how continuous delivery is changing how software is being developed, here we garner some expert insight on Java DevOps tooling. Java DevOps is working to simplify software development and make the use of continuous delivery software a long-term success.

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