Guide to practicing cloud-native development

Last updated:September 2019

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What is the nature of cloud-native development? And how can developers smooth application deployment with the cloud? Cloud computing offers a wide variety of options for developers of all skill levels. From simple low-code development to powerful, but complex, microservices deployments, IT teams have choices. You'll want to decide which programming languages are most appropriate for your goals. And maybe it's time to consider the DevOps approach to software development.

Use this guide to break down the potential benefits of cloud-native deployment for your enterprise and explore different models, tools and platforms that can unify all aspects of your application development efforts.

1Application development in cloud-native settings

What does cloud-native development entail? Developers should familiarize themselves with public cloud terms of service, and decision-makers should examine management styles for how best to organize IT staff.

2Microservices in cloud-native development

Microservices in the cloud comes with many avenues that developers can explore. Programming language options largely come down to developer preference and ease of integration. Java and Ballerina are two languages for cloud-native development, but there are other alternatives.

3Cloud-native app dev platforms

What do you want to develop on? Low-code environments offer developers -- and non-developers -- a platform that helps bolster cloud-native development for applications. Open source, native and third-party low-code environments provide different settings for different benefits. Here's what you should know.

4Management and oversight considerations

Cloud-native development requires an attention to detail for tooling and management. Make sure you're aware of specific parts of your environment, particularly CI/CD pipelines and APIs, and how they interact with your cloud provider and your applications.

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