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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tips from the industry's TaskTop expert

Mik Kersten of TaskTop has continued to lead the industry in the application lifecycle management (ALM) space, and here we look at some of the insights and tips he has provided TheServerSide with over the years.

TheServerSide tries hard not to play favorites when it comes to covering the enterprise computing landscape, but there are certainly members of the community that the TSS editorship turns to when looking to uncover emerging trends, keep up on the latest industry changes, or even just grab a smart quote or interesting sound bite. When it comes to Agile development and application lifecycle management (ALM), TheServerSide finds it regularly turning to Mik Kersten of TaskTop Technologies for guidance.

For some reason, the end-to-end connectivity and collaboration you get from a team of developers working on an open source project just doesn't happen at enterprise scales.

Dr. Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop Technologies

As Editor of TheServerSide, my first introduction to the CEO of TaskTop was at SpringOne 2010 where Kersten was blazing new trails in the field of cloud based application development. Real software development in the cloud is a topic that is often discussed, but in 2010, Kersten was far ahead of the curve with Code2Cloud, providing real and tangible was to make application development in the cloud work.

Code2Cloud: Bridging The Gap Between the Developer's Workbench and the Deployment Destination

At JavaOne 2012, Mik was still beating the cloud-computing drum, providing more insights into the evolution of Code2Cloud, while at the same time updating the community about task automation, PaaS based offerings and streamlining application lifecycle management workflows.

JavaOne 2012: Improving ALM workflow with automation in Oracle PaaS

More recently, in June of 2013, TheServerSide spoke with Kersten about how the software lifecycle integration bus was revolutionizing the world of social coding:

Software lifecycle integration bus: New ALM tool is the key to social coding

And of course, Mik continues to be a regular reference for various projects and publications, having been quoted time and time again in articles about everything from the inception of enterprise wide applications to the de-commissioning mobile applications:

Decommissioning and SDLC: Learning lessons from the mobile ALM process

The top challenges of mobile application lifecycle management (ALM)

For those lucky enough to be attending Agile 2013 in Nashville or JavaOne in September, be sure to attend Mik Kersten's, presentation: "As distributed as it gets: 10 Agile best practices from open source" As far as providing expert insights into the state of ALM and modern application development, TaskTop's Mik Kersten doesn't disappoint.

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