What thought leaders were saying about Java SE 9 in 2017

Understandably, Java SE 9 was a popular topic of discussion in 2017, but so were DevOps and cloud native, according to this list of the 10 most popular podcasts of 2017.

One of the joys of working for TechTarget and being the editor of TheServerSide is the opportunity to speak with thought leaders, Java Champions and just plain clever folks who are innovating and driving technology forward.

When the opportunity arises, the conversations that take place with leaders of the industry get recorded and the interviews are published on the site as easily consumable, 10- to 15-minute podcasts. This year, the topics ranged from the intricacies of creating continuous integration pipelines to what developers could expect with the release of Java SE 9.

The following is a listing of the top 10 most popular podcasts that ran on TheServerSide in 2017, giving you a second chance to listen to them if you didn't get to download them when they first appeared.

10. Sacha Labourey and Jenkins

There are certain Hollywood stars who go by one name: Sting, Cher, Arnold. In the IT industry, there's Sacha Labourey, CEO of CloudBees and a former JBoss CTO. But you just need to say the name Sacha and people in the industry know who you're referencing. Whenever something interesting is going on in the industry, TheServerSide will always reach out for his take on things. And, more specifically, if something is happening in the world of Jenkins, Sacha is one degree of separation away from Jenkins inventor Kohsuke Kawaguchi, so he's an authority on all things in that space as well.

9. Eberhard Wolff and continuous delivery

Continuous delivery, software automation and DevOps remained a big topic all year. In May, TheServerSide welcomed Eberhard Wolff, author of A Practical Guide to Continuous Delivery, to share his insights on the subject of DevOps and continuous delivery.

8. Ken Owens' unified theory of DevOps

It seems like every vendor is pushing their own flavor of cloud native computing, which had TheServerSide asking every expert to try and succinctly explain what cloud native computing means, how it can be best defined and how it relates to DevOps, containers, microservices and the like. In answering that question, Ken Owens, Cisco Systems' CTO of cloud platforms, gave us the best definitions of cloud native computing we've heard to date -- not to mention one of the best sound clips to run on this site in 2017.

7. Sinclair Schuller on containers and microservices

Perhaps the most technical conversation conducted with anyone in 2017 about the topic of cloud native computing was with Sinclair Schuller, CEO and co-founder of Apprenda. For insights on how to orchestrate containers, or what the future of cloud native tooling will be, this is the podcast to download.

6. Craig McLuckie on cloud native Java

Performing a keynote on stage at JavaOne 2017, contributing to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and leading Heptio as its CEO, it's hard to believe Craig McLuckie even found time to speak with TheServerSide in 2017. Fortunately, he did, and his insights provided great guidance for traditional Java EE developers who are being pushed and prodded into a world of cloud native Java development.

5. Oracle boasting about Java SE 9

Obviously, one of the biggest things to appear on TheServerSide's radar this year was the October release of Java SE 9. Oracle executives were glowing with pride over what they had accomplished with Java SE 9, and this feel-good interview with Michael Lehmann, Oracle's vice president of product management, is irrefutable evidence of that.

4. Gil Tene on JVM performance

With every new Java SE release, one of the first questions people have is how well it will perform. When it comes to performance, Azul Systems' CTO Gil Tene is one of the top industry experts. Of course, we chatted about more than just the LLVM compiler that Azul's Java virtual machine (JVM) implementation now uses, including all of the drama that surrounded the delay and eventual inclusion of Project Jigsaw in Java SE 9.

3. Ivar Grimstad on MVC and microservices

Java Champion Ivar Grimstad did double duty at JavaOne 2017, giving talks on both the new Model-View-Controller UI framework, MVC 1.0, and the new Java EE Security API, JSR-375. He shared his thoughts with us as to what the big takeaways were with these new APIs.

2. Jim Manico on Java SE 9 security

Grimstad gave us the goods on what was new with Java EE Security, while Manicode Security's founder Jim Manico bookended the topic with a discussion of all the low-level API changes that are being included in the Java SE 9 release.

1. Simon Maple on Java SE 9 adoption

Always providing balance to the discussion of what's going on in the world of Java or DevOps or software development tools is ZeroTurnaround's Simon Maple. What's the future of Java SE and Java SE adoption? Maple's got a contrarian take on it.

It's interesting to look back at the year and flip through the names of the various people who chatted with TheServerSide. The other thought that comes to mind is how many of our favorite Java Champions and tech personalities we didn't chat with. Hopefully, we can find the time in 2018 hear from Reza Rehman, Josh Long, Kirk Pepperdine and a host of other members of the Java community who continue to keep the technology progressing forward. But for now, enjoy these top 10 podcasts from 2017. There will be plenty more to be said about DevOps, cloud native and Java SE 9 in the year to come.

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