Java platform tools and technology

  • Sharding in the Cloud

    I/O reads to non-virtualized datastores can be one of the biggest bottlenecks in applications that have been deployed to the cloud. One of the easiest ways to avoid this problem is to simply shard your database.  Continue Reading

  • Snapshots in the cloud: The developers friend

    Cheap storage space and snapshots that cost very little to administer or produces make life much easier for the enterprise developer.  Continue Reading

  • Scala and the cloud

    As the cloud becomes more popular, so does the functional programming language Scala. Don't worry though, it's Java compatible and it runs on a JVM. So why are people using it? Perhaps because it's so functional.  Continue Reading

  • Caching Scenarios

    Caching is a quick and easy way to save roundtrips between your application and where you store your data. However, it’s not as easy as just snapping a map into your application – to really leverage a cache, you not only have to understand where a ...  Continue Reading

  • Applying control theory concepts in software applications

    Control theory is a discipline originated in mathematics and engineering science but was adopted also in psychology, social sciences and other research domains. It deals with influencing the behaviour of dynamical systems. In this article it is ...  Continue Reading

  • Comparing MySQL and Postgres 9.0 Replication

    Replication is one of the most popular features used in RDBMS’s today. Replication is used for disaster recovery purposes (i.e. backup or warm stand-by servers), reporting systems where query activity is offloaded onto another machine to conserve ...  Continue Reading