Get caught up debugging Java apps with containerization

At JavaOne 2015, consultant Daniel Bryant discusses how debugging Java apps within containerization is ramping up.

Containerization is changing how the software development teams build and deploy applications, so it's no surprise to discover that at JavaOne 2015, sessions on Docker and Kubernetes flooded the agenda. Getting caught up in the storm surge of containerization was Daniel Bryant, a principle consultant at OpenCredo in London, who presented three separate sessions at JavaOne conference, including one that focused on the topic of troubleshooting and debugging Java applications that are running within a container.

Knowing that there is still a large number of software developers who are still deploying applications directly onto virtualized environments, if not directly onto the system's operating system itself, we asked Bryant to offer advice on debugging Java apps in containerization and containerization differs from the existing virtualizations strategies many organizations have recently adopted.

"It's a mechanism to package and deploy your code," said Bryant. "It's an easy way to package up and ship around your applications, thus the 'container' metaphor." And being self-contained components that don't require a long series of installation steps and procedures, Bryant explains that this approach to software development and deployment makes it much easier for programmers to try out new concepts and test out new ideas. Changes can be made and tested quickly, and most importantly, the containers are highly isolated, so you can test changes without worrying about impacting other systems or parts of the application that are being developed collaboratively or in parallel.

To hear Bryant's insights on why debugging Java apps in containerization is here to stay, along with insights on other topics such as industry trends in IT salaries and his perspective on whether or not the industry is facing a software developer shortage, watch the associated video.

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