Accelerate edge device development with Couchbase Mobile

TheServerSide talks to Couchbase's Arun Gupta about full-stack NoSQL applications, like Couchbase Mobile and Couchbase Server.

When organizations jump into the internet of things game, they also find themselves jumping into the big data game, because all of those edge devices that are active out in the field tend to generate a gargantuan amount of data. Organizations that haven't anticipated the flood are often overwhelmed and must quickly architect approaches that quickly address the questions of how to manage the incoming data, how to store the data and, more importantly, how to mine that data. In the world of NoSQL, products such as Couchbase Mobile and Couchbase Server are helping to provide the answers to some of the big data questions IoT and edge device architects are asking.

A full-stack, NoSQL approach

"Where Couchbase really shines is with our mobile product," said Arun Gupta, vice president of developer advocacy at Couchbase, based in Mountain View, Calif. The benefit of the Couchbase Mobile product is it embeds itself right in the IoT device. That way, data can be written and stored locally, and it gives the IoT architect a much greater number of synchronization strategies, as opposed to a latency-dependent service that is constantly trying to obtain a network connection and communicate data back to the server. "The full-stack, NoSQL database solution is a very unique value proposition that is offered by Couchbase," Gupta said.

Where Couchbase really shines is with our mobile product.

Arun Gupta,
vice president of developer advocacy at Couchbase

Another compelling reason why many organizations are moving to Couchbase is the polyglot programming languages their environments support. "We have a Java SDK [software developer's kit], a Go SDK, a PHP, a C SDK, a Ruby SDK and a Python SDK," Gupta said. "These are the common languages that are typically used in the IoT world." By making it seamless to integrate into any software development project, regardless of which language the client needs to use, Couchbase makes its offerings attractive to a wide swath of IoT engagements.

For more ideas on how to solve your big data problems by adopting a NoSQL database like Couchbase, listen to the full interview between TheServerSide and Couchbase's Arun Gupta.

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