Working with Node.js at DeveloperWeek 2015

Developer advocate Jenny Tong discusses coding troublemaking with Node.js at DeveloperWeek 2015.

What better way to cover DeveloperWeek 2015 than by garnering insights from some of the most interesting individuals who will either be attending the conference or presenting a session. Topping that list of interesting people is Jenny Tong, a developer advocate at Firebase whose role is to "help people cause trouble with code."

But at DeveloperWeek 2015, Tong isn't just helping people create trouble with code; she's showing people how to cause trouble with robots, using Node.js to code them up and Internet connectivity to empower their interactions. Registered beyond capacity, Tong's session, entitled "The Internet of Nodebots" asserts that the only thing cooler than "robots" is Internet-aware robots that run JavaScript. And who could argue with a statement like that? In Tong's DeveloperWeek session, participants won't just be writing code, but they'll actually be building real life robots using commodity hardware as well.

TheServerSide spoke to Tong about not only the emergence of Nodebots, but also about all of the various trends and interesting things that are going on in the wider software and enterprise development community. To find out what's happening inside the cloud computing space, why the most interesting part of the Internet of Things is the Internet of Connected Robots, and to garner some insights on what can be gained by attending a conference like DeveloperWeek 2015, take a listen to the associated audio of her conversation with TechTarget's TheServerSide.

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