Free Book: Java Testing and Design

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Free Book: Java Testing and Design

By Frank Cohen

11 May 2006 |

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Java Testing and Design

This book shows how to understand what application you want to write, what strategies are likely to get you there, and then how to measure your level of success. This book offers practical, concrete advice about how to stay in tune with your project and ensure that your products are at least as good as your plans. - Phil Goodwin, Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems.

Produce scalable, reliable, high-performance Web-enabled applications in Java.

Web infrastructure is everywhere. And yet until this book there was no guide to show how your choices in design, coding, and testing impact the scalability, performance, and functionality of your Web-enabled applications.

Java Testing and Design: From Unit Testing to Automated Web Tests teaches you a fast and efficient method to build production-worthy, scalable, and well performing Web-enabled applications. The techniques, methodology, and tools presented in this book will enable developers, QA technicians, and IT managers to work together to achieve unprecedented productivity in development and test automation.

With Java Testing and Design, you will be prepared for a laundry list of new APIs, protocols, and tools being packed into the next generation of J2EE, .NET, and open-source systems. While these new software libraries, tools, and techniques are a big move forward for all of us, they push us to learn even more technology to turn out complex, highly functional, and interoperable software applications.

Author Frank Cohen shares proven best practices based on his extensive experience at leading enterprises (General Motors, BEA, AMP, 2Wire, Elsevier, U.S. Navy, Sun) and delivers an immediately useful set of open-source tools, techniques, and code that will automate the testing of your Web-enabled applications.

Coverage includes:

  • Software development and test automation methodologies
  • Exposes the scalability problems in SOAP-based Web Services
  • Building, testing, and monitoring integrated multiple-protocol Web-enabled applications
  • Performance kits for developers using BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, and Sun Java System (formerly Sun ONE)
  • Architecture, code, and test agents for J2EE, Web Services, P2P, and .NET
  • Secure Internet services using current and next-generation technologies and much more!

Book Review of Java Testing and Design

Bart Thompson walks you through some of the key topics covered in Java Testing and Design.

"This book is an excellent guide to testing Web applications and Web services. I expect it will benefit all readers, from software developers or QA techs just getting started, through to the experienced coders and testers. The book took me past the basic stuff you learn in books on Java development and gives you the practical experience, tips and knowledge I needed to deliver software that scales and is reliable."

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