Free Book: Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans Third Edition

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Free Book: Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans Third Edition

By Ed Roman

11 May 2006 |

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Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans Third Edition

Published in January 2005, the best-selling book Mastering EJB is now in its third edition and has been updated for EJB2.1 and also features new chapters on security and Web services integration. The book is about EJB concepts, methodology and development. This book also contains a number of advanced EJB topics, giving you a practical and real-world understanding of the subject. By reading this book, you will acquire a deep understanding of EJB.

What you will find here

This is the official homepage for Mastering EJB Third Edition. Here you can download the entire book in PDF format for free, and you will also find the source code for the book. Errata will also be posted here.

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What's new with Mastering EJB Third Edition:

  • Includes more than 30 percent revised material and five new chapters, covering the new 2.1 features such as EJB Timer Service and JMS as well as the latest open source Java solutions
  • The book was developed as part of online EJB community, ensuring a built-in audience
  • Demonstrates how to build an EJB system, program with EJB, adopt best practices, and harness advanced EJB concepts and techniques, including transactions, persistence, clustering, integration, and performance optimization
  • Offers practical guidance on when not to use EJB and how to use simpler, less costly open source technologies in place of or in conjunction with EJB