Containers and microservices take center stage as Devoxx 2015 kicks off

Containers like Docker, and microservice development, are the big topics at Devoxx 2015, but with more session rooms than every, there's plenty of other great fare for Java professionals.

Sold out again, two months before the event, with 3500 attendees from 45 different countries, Devoxx Belgium 2015 kicked off its 6th installment on Monday, November 9th.

The leading European Java conference opened with two days of university sessions, which occur prior to the actual conference openning on Wedneday the 11th. As always, Devoxx is taking place in a cinema complex in Antwerp, with 232 speakers from all over the world, including extremely popular and knowledgeable technology gurus such as Venkat Subramaniam, Matt Raible, Maurice Naftalin, and Kirk Pepperdine.

Saddle up and prepare for a lot of content dealing with the topics of microservices and Docker.

IoT is everywhere

New in the Devoxx ecosystem is the fact that Devoxx has become a brand of its own, with events in five separate countries welcoming over 10,500 Devoxxians every year. Moreover, also new in the closely watched IoT space, drone racing has been introduced, as well as electric, monowheel vehicles being available for usage and testing by attendees.

Furthermore, Devoxx LIVE will happen on the Wednesday and Thursday, with around 5 hours of streaming content delivering the best and most popular talks of the conference. A special focus is on incorporating new speakers, including rock star keynote speaker Professor Lawrence Krauss.

Devoxx grows

Devox is growing. There are now 8 parallel rooms during the conference, as well as 5 during the two preliminary university days, which is a serious increase over last year's 7 rooms for the entire conference and 4 for the university days.

Highlights of the first day included three hours of Java EE 7 in Action by Arun Gupta, as well as a focus by Hendrik Ebbers and Michael Heinrichs on building modern web UIs with Web Components. The tools in action track had a plethora of short half hour sessions, including one on using Chrome to do modern JavaScript debugging, Tom Vleminckx on benchmarking with JMH, sessions dealing with other JVM languages such as Scala and Clojure, and several on the hot topics of microservices and Docker.

In fact, Devoxx attendees should saddle up and prepare themselves for a lot of content dealing with the topics of microservices and Docker, which, as in all Java-related conferences nowadays, are clearly the most popular themes this year.

Are you attending Devoxx? Let us know what you think of the conference so far.

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