O'Reilly Fluent 2014 conference coverage

Get the latest on Web platform technology from Fluent 2014.

The O'Reilly Fluent conference in San Francisco covers emerging Web platform technology and tools. Speakers cover topics including mobile, HTML5, the server side and APIs. Learn about the presenters and what they discuss at the conference. Find out which frameworks are becoming popular and why. There are articles, tips, videos and podcasts with the latest from Fluent 2014.

Pre-conference news

Promoting software quality and application security
CTO at Sela Group, Sasha Goldshtein, discusses his talk at Fluent Conference 2014 on open source security projects and application security updates.

Advice for building apps for kids
During her O'Reilly Fluent 2014 session, So Easy a Child Could Do It, Kathryn Rotondo will discuss best practices for developing learning apps for kids.

Improving cognitive development and decision-making skills
Understanding the process of decision-making skills and cognitive development are two topics that software engineer Sarah Mei will discuss during her O'Reilly Fluent 2014 session, Unpacking Technical Decisions.

At O’Reilly Fluent

Podcast: 8 questions about AngularJS
Listen to this podcast with TheServerSide and Mark Bates, a freelance software developer, about AngularJS.

 Video: About Angular framework
The new Angular framework was recently discussed at the 2014 Fluent Conference.

Video: What’s trending at Fluent 2014?
The co-chair of Fluent discusses which JavaScript frameworks are the most popular at this year's conference

Video: IntelliJ IDEA at Fluent
Learn about where IntelliJ IDEA is moving with JavaScript frameworks from experts at Fluent 2014.

Video: Discover Devoxx for Kids
Learn about Devoxx for Kids, a computer programming educational nonprofit that was presented at Fluent.

GitHub engineers discuss performance
Learn about the code that supports old browsers impacts a website's overall performance and what to do about it from GitHub engineers.

Dig Deeper on Front-end, back-end and middle-tier frameworks

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