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More Scrum master certification exam questions

To pass the Professional Scrum master exam, you need to know the tricks. These Scrum master exam questions will show you how to answer even the toughest questions on the test.

This trick will help you pass the both the Professional Scrum Product Owner and the Professional Scrum Master certification exams.

Take the toughest Scrum master exam questions out of a software development domain, and imagine them in a different situation.

These ten Scrum master exam questions are based on the ones asked on TechTarget's SoftwareQuality site, but reframed to a different scenario. Here, survivors from a shipwrecked party boat are forced to build a survival camp as they await rescue.

You'll find that these questions are more fun to answer than the prototypical Scrum master certification exam questions. You'll also find that they give you a deeper understanding of the Scrum framework.

Apply this trick and you will be better equipped to pass any Scrum test.

Scrum master scenario-based exam question

A party boat from a popular tech conference was blown off course by a surprise typhoon.

Now, 100 injured developers are shipwrecked on a deserted island somewhere in the South Pacific. The ship is marooned on rocky coral, about 30 meters from the island's shore, and most of the survivors are too injured to make it to dry land.

Nobody knows what to do. Fortunately, one developer took a Scrum course, and happens to have a copy of the 2020 Scrum Guide with them.

The castaways are going to make it through this ordeal -- and a Scrum-based approach to survival will guide them through it.

Their first task? Get a team of developers to go to shore and build a survival camp.

10 Scrum master exam questions

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