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More Scrum product owner certification exam questions

Want to get Scrum product owner-certified? These tough practice exam questions test your ability to apply the Scrum framework in the capacity of a Professional Scrum Product Owner.

The Professional Scrum Product Owner certification exam focuses on topics such as how to deliver product value and manage the product backlog. However, to pass the exam, you must also demonstrate a significant knowledge of the Scrum framework in general.

In a previous set of sample questions for the product owner certification exam, we focused on core PO responsibilities. In this set of 10 sample exam questions, we focus more generally on the Scrum Guide and how to properly apply the Scrum framework in the real world.

More Scrum practice exam questions

Both the product owner and Scrum master exams have about an 80% overlap in terms of the objectives they cover. To be fully prepared for the Professional Scrum Product Owner certification exam, it is highly recommended that you also attempt these two sample tests as well:

  1. 10 tough Scrum master exam questions.
  2. 10 more Scrum master exam questions.

Good luck on this practice test, and good luck with your product owner certification.

Scrum product owner exam questions

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