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Software testing can be implemented at any time in the development process. Most of the Java code testing effort occurs after the coding process has been completed. Some software development models will focus the application testing effort at earlier points in the development process. Learn about Java application testing in this topic section, including the design process for testing software processes.


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  • continuous software development 11 Mar 2014

    Definition - Continuous software development is a blanket term that covers several aspects of an iterative application development process based on making each change when it is ready, rather than wrapping many changes into large batches.

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  • How BI + ALM = ALI and real-time application traceability 12 Oct 2011

    Video - Pairing business intelligence with application lifecycle management (ALM) promises to deliver real-time application requirements traceability and simplify change management, said Kelly Emo, HP director of applications product marketing, in a JavaOne 2011...

  • Lasse Koskela on the importance of test code 18 Mar 2011

    Video - Lasse Koskela, the author of Test Driven: Practical TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers, talks with executive editor Jan Stafford about the importance of test code.

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