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Modular code

Learn about modular code in this section, including information and resources on modular code tools, restful Web services, Web services specification, Web portal testing, Java server faces and server pages, servlet Java, modular containers and programming code. Also, find there is news and tips on code troubleshooting, Java and JVM performance tuning, software languages, UI patterns and Spring framework. Find expert advice, podcasts and tutorials on a variety of subjects in this section.

  • EJB specification

    Enterprise JavaBeans specifications helps to define how to best go about deploying EJB regardless of the platform that is being used. Learn the EJB specifications from the latest news, tips, articles, and expert advice regarding Enterprise JavaBeans.
  • Modular containers

    A modular is a container for one or more EJB containers. An EJB server manages and coordinates allocation of EJB application resources, J2EE naming functionality, communication with remote resources, etc. A modular container manages the actual EJBs including their lifecycle, object...
  • Modular troubleshooting

    Modular code is the server side component architecture for Java EE. There are various tasks that you can go through to help determine or eliminate possible problems that are preventing you from successfully doing what you want to do within modular coding. Learn about modular code...
  • Programming code

    Programming code is a specification and architecture for the development and deployment of distributed server side, transactional and secure application components. Application developers focus on programming code business rules and leave the infrastructural service-related issues to the...
  • App servers

    Application servers are programs running on some server-side backend – either a dedicated server or a virtual machine running on cloud resources – that run software services for Web apps. Java application servers meet a set of requirements set by the current version of the Java Platform,...
  • Modular tools

    Modular tools enable rapid and simplified development of distributed, transactional, secure and portable applications based on Java technology. This section provides news and information, including product ideas and best practices for modular tools and techniques.