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Application lifecycle management (ALM) is one of the most important aspects of Java project management. Still, Java ALM is very similar to that of an enterprise application developed on any other software platform. Check out this section for news, tips and opinions on the best ways to manage the Java application lifecycle including requirements, design, testing, deployment, version management and more.


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  • How embedded technologies are enabling the Internet of Things (IOT) 29 Mar 2015

    Feature - From wearable devices to internet connected devices called NodeBots, embedded technologies are enabling the development of all of the cool, new devices that are colloquially being referred to as the Internet of Things (IOT).

  • Cloud computing and AWS form perfect test beds for the risk averse 25 Mar 2015

    Feature - Risk aversion is a cornerstone of the enterprise computing community. Do no harm is philosophy that goes beyond medicine's Hippocratic oath. But the risk averse can now safely try new technologies by using cloud computing options and AWS.

  • Rethink your tooling: How to make the DevOps promise a reality 23 Mar 2015

    Feature - Many organizations have struggled with breaking down the wall between development and operations. Tools are not the solution to every problem that faces DevOps integration, but they can help to make the DevOps promise a reality. Is it time to rethink...

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